Blood Clots During Menstruation: Normal and abnormal menstrual blood clots

Can Blood Clots During Menstruation Be Normal?

Blood clots during menstruation or menstrual clots, may be perplexing and sometimes annoying to some women.

Is it normal? What could be the cause of this?

Though most of these menstrual blood clots may turn out to be normal, there are however some indicators of a likely underlying illness which you must not miss.

I have put together these basic facts to settle this anxiety-provoking situation for many women, though it is often normal for many who have asked me such questions!

What Are Menstrual Blood Clots?

Normal menstruation blood is characterized by its amount, color, consistency, odor and also duration of flow. It is obvious that blood is liquid but it should be noted that for it to stay in liquid form, certain chemicals called anticoagulants are necessary.

Blood clots are simply solid material found in blood. That implies within some amount of liquid blood, there appears solid material made of clumped blood components.

Are Menstrual Blood Clots Normal?

Blood clots during menstruation can be a normal phenomenon. That is, clots may appear in the menses when there is actually no disease process. Normal blood clots could be identified by some of the following

  1. Usually small in size, often taken as less that a quarter.
  2. Few in number and does not usually occur every day of the flow for many women.
  3. Not a regular occurrence for every cycle. Persistent clots may require that you consult with your doctor

What Causes Normal Menstrual Clots?

For better comprehension, note that normal menstruation blood is not made up of blood components only. Qualitatively, it is made of

  1. Blood
  2. The shed endometrium
  3. The unfertilized egg

Normal menstrual blood clots may arise from the endometrium( false clots) or from the blood itself( true clots).

shed endometrium is solid material and can appear as clots in menstrual blood. These endometrial clots are really not true clots because they are not formed from blood components.

True menstrual blood clots may appear if the blood actually coagulates after its passage from the uterus and on its way out. Generally, when the amount of blood is relatively more that the amount of anticoagulant present, blood clots appear. This can occur in periods when there is usually a slightly heavier bleeding that normal which though could be normal. Remember that intermittent fluctuations in hormonal levels may lead to some minor changes in bleeding patterns.

Normal blood clots during menstruation may appear during the days of peak menstrual flow . In some women, some delay of passage of blood especially during the last days of flow my lead to black blood ans even some clots. The blood changes outside blood vessels.

Abnormal Menstrual Clots?

This question must be settled by every woman with menstrual clots as early as possible. Do not be quick to label any blood clots during menstruation as normal until u have settled this basic question. If in any doubts or you suspect you could have an abnormality, consult with your doctor.

These are a few warning signals to take note of

  1. Menstrual blood clots that are large
  2. Multiple clots
  3. Persistent menstrual clots from cycle to cycle
  4. Associated heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, bleeding from other parts of the body, infertility or similar symptoms.

The presence of any of the signals above is a only a clue that something might be wrong and that you should see your doctor for medical evaluation. It is not proof that you are having a disease.

Common diseases to watch out for are early pregnancy complications and menorrhagia( heavy bleeding) causes including fibroids and endometriosis.

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  • bb

    I am going through the same thing now. Can you tell me what happened next? I want to go to the doctor but if its not serious i rather wait it through. Tia

  • Pam

    I have just turned 45 and noticed my previous and lmp are only 3 weeks apart, usually its 28 days or so, large bloodclots are present and very heavy bleeding, no cramping or any pain, i usually have clots when i have my period but not large like these ones. Also, i have benign fibroids , so heavy bleeding is normal for me, the large clots I am worried about. It’ s been 24 hrs and the clotting is less frequent and smaller in size. This is my first irregular cycle. Does it sound pre- menopausal or something more serious?

  • drg83

    I’ve had my tubes tied for11 years now, and within the last month have been experianceing nausea, hot flashes, breast tenderness, and feeling clostraphobic to the point of feeling like I could pass out! I was having pain in my right side, and today it hurt real bad, and when I went to the bathroom a blood clot rarely good size came our and I’ve been bleeding dark thick ever since. I’ve also felt overly tired, but I do work nights. My appetite has been a mess. I have no insurance, but want another opinion. I’m only 32!!!

  • Anonymous

    For last 2 times during my periods – it starts with dark red or black clot and no liquid im a little worried.. I am on pills for an year now 21 days pills. Please can somebody itell me if this is serious? Im worried as i have done nothing unusual. Sexually inactive and on pills getting married in 10 days 🙁

  • SierraC

    I am 15 and my mom told me to look up clotting and what it means in a manstrual cycle because she didn’t know. I have been having dark red clots almost always larger than a quarter for the past 3 cycles and I had one that was very large and was concerned. After each clot I get heavy bleeding for maybe an hour. I don’t think this is normal but my mom and I are debating going to the doctor because it is expensive and our insurance doesn’t cover a lot of it. If we really don’t NEED to go, we won’t. I’d like some kind of answer as to whether I should go or not.

  • twincaster

    Im 42 and Ive always have heavy or painful periods (4 kids and 3 miscarriages through out life) Started my 1st period the day after I turned 10. Now this past year my periods have gotten even heavier and lasted as long as 3 and a 1/2 weeks. the first week i went througha tampon an hour (heavy absorbent) all in all 3-4 large box of about 40 Super Thick tampons in that 3.5 week time frame. And at one point I was having LARGE clots. Yes, Im aware that something is going wrong here. As an act of desperation I started my daughters Birthcontrol just to get some releaf – it worked for 2.5 weeks. Now my period came back last friday after 3 days of spotting, regardless if Im taking the pill or not. Now today nearly 7 days since i started IM getting cramps so badly that I can barely stand. I know that Im anemic and I know I need to see a dr (IM crying as I type this thats how much I hurt) I have no health insurance that the problem. IM a single mom of 3 of my kids and I do work a FT job but I didnt make enough to apply for health care enrollment and I cant get assistance. Can anyone tell me what options do I have? Short of walking into the ER for menstrual cramps in a state that looks down on you for doing that – and I fear that they will turn me away. Would getting an OTC estrogen tablet help??

  • Nik

    I’m 18 and my periods have become regular over the years. But this past month, I have been spotting (dark red) since my ovulation week up until my current period. Usually I feel pai during my periods but this time there is no pain. My period is the normal color but it has been coming out in clumps everyday. It’s day 6 now and usually the bleeding starts to fade but it doesn’t seem to be fading. I don’t understand what’s happening

  • MissGL

    i am 35 Years Old and for the past like 6 Months i been experiencing a LARGE amoun tog Blood Clots!! i get two kind of Clots one is like a real Big Clot more Black Looking from it being so red. the other one looks more like a Piece of meat?!! which that one is more my concern because i actually picked it up yesterday while i was in the shower and i started felling it and it felt mushy and like it had small bumps a little like SAnd on Meat?? not sure if i am explaining my self correctly but that’s just how i felt the texture of it. i usually get really heavy Periods alot of Cramps but lately for the past 4 months the pain too much more like Labor Pains.. :0 ( now i know that is NOT Normal!! i had to go to the ER back in October because the PAIN was that intense they gave me Morphine, Codine and to be Honest that didnt help i got home and took 800 ML actually two pills of 800 ML for pain and I fell Asleep but this was just like an hour after they had gave me the codine and the Morphine??? hat bad was my pain…. no i brought this up to my doctor and nothing was done??!! she said it was Normal!!! does all this sound Normal to you guys??

  • emma

    hi i am 22 and have pcos. periods were never on time unitl about 18 months ago they have been on time perfectly. this time i was 17 days late, this period has been terrible!!! painful, heavy and today i passed a large pale in colour clot. (compared to normal tiny clots). is this normal? im not on the pill or any other medications. help i dont no what to do.