Can Implantation Bleeding Have Clots?

The simple answer is no! If you are having vaginal bleeding with clots, it is not implantation

Why Not?

Whenever you have blood clots in vaginal bleeding, it often signifies heavy bleeding. Normal periods can contain a kind of clot, called endometrial clot. See blood clots during menstruation.

Implantation bleeding if often so mild that you might  notice a pink stain under your underwear or
on tissue paper. Or at most very mild vaginal bleeding.

Can Implantation Bleeding Be Heavy?

Here again, the answer is no! Do not attribute any vaginal bleeding that is heavy to implantation bleeding.  This is important because it is possible for
a woman to mislabel an illness causing vaginal bleeding as implantation bleeding which will delay appropriate medical evaluation and treatment.

Therefore implantation bleeding never causes heavy vaginal bleeding or bleeding with blood clots. If you have any of these, please see your doctor for appropriate evaluation. Read more about heavy implantation bleeding.

Is This Implantation Bleeding?

Many women, especially those whe are trying to conceive often seek to know if the bleeding they are having around the expected next period is implantation bleeding or not. It is important to first  ascertain whether the bleeding   you having is implantation bleeding. See  is this implantation bleeding?

Once this initial question is settled, other related  confusing issues  like heavy implantation bleeding or blood clots will stangely become   more apparent.

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  • Lynne

    I just want to know if it’s normal to have signs of a period a week before my period is actually due and then it stops and then when my period was suppose to come I was 5 days late and then what I am thinking was a period showed up for 3 days after