Common Causes of Irregular Periods

What Are The Causes Of Irregular Periods?

Many causes of irregular periods are benign, meaning they are easily identified and treated.

In fact many of them are related to subtle hormonal imbalances in the body.

Common Causes

A missed period is the most frequent cause of an irregular cycle and pregnancy is the most frequent reason for a missed period!

Besides pregnancy however, there are other common causes you should be aware of. Many of the causes of a missed period are those that also cause irregular periods.

These include the following

  1. Miscalculation. Yes, be sure you are not making a mistake with the calculation of your next period.
  2. Stress.
    The hormones that control menstruation are sensitive to stress whether domestic, occupational or social. Also, an acute medical illness may also be the cause menstrual irregularity. The stress of traveling or even changing the usual work shifts schedules may be the cause.
  3. Excessive weight loss. Weight loss is advisable when appropriate but an excessive or rapid loss of weight will cause an illness by itself.
  4. Eating disorders. These include the psychiatric diseases anorexia and bulimia.
  5. Excessive exercise. This is very common amongst high-level athletes during moments of intense performance.
  6. Medications. Birth control pills are a good example.
  7. Medical and surgical diseases of the pelvic organs.
    The first missed menstrual bleeding may be the start of the amenorrhea caused by a serious disease of the female genital organs such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  8. Menopause. When menopause approaches, you may begin to start having some missed cycles.

Practical Problems With Irregular Periods

The issue of irregular cycles is not only the worry over an underlying disease but the practical inconveniences that that irregular menstrual periods may bring such as

  • Embarssements with periods. Periods that are irregular may take you unawares with its practical implications. Extremen hygeienic measures have to be taken to deal with this.
  • Unpredictability or uncertainty of pregnancies for women who want to conceive and those who do not. When a woman is expecting to conceive, irregular periods will really be messy to deal with because of the heartaches they might cause after the high expectation of a missed period turns out to be just an irregularity.
  • Fertile period problems. Most couples still use the fertile period avidly when looking for a baby. Things become more difficult with irregular cycles.

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