Menstrual Cramp Relief :How To Get Menstrual Pain Relief

Menstrual cramp relief information is a gold pearl for women suffering from her cramps.

Well then, we will consider together the options available for treatment and what therapy best suits you.

relief from menstrual cramps( or dysmenorrhea) does not only require
that you know the drugs or things to do but also the basics to know.
Be sure to be comfortable with the basics below and clear them out if
you still have doubts.

Key Basics To Know

These are some keys basics I often advise women to settle early in
their pursuit of cramps relief. It is understandable that pain does not
want knowledge but relief but a major part of a long lasting relief is
basic knowledge.

These facts are important to grasp

Know what you are dealing with

A key element to settle early is to know what type of cramp you are dealing with. Primary dysmenorrhea are cramps that usually start within one year of menarche with no identifiable cause. Secondary dysmenorrhea
are cramps that are caused by diseases of the genital organs within.
Even if you have been having primary cramps, it is still possible to
have a treatable cause of secondary cramps superimposed on the primary

Know when to seek medical care

Most women accept it is
not feasible to see a doctor whenever you have cramps. However, you
should know when to see a doctor to ensure there is no hidden cause or

treatment is not delayed. This is especially true for the so-called bad menstrual cramps.

Know how to use the treatment options availableThe
key to maximum benefit for primary cramps is to find what works for
you, not your mom or sister or friend. Each woman is different. All the
options listed are not for you to use. Judicious use with medical advice
is important.

Home Self-Care

Home Self-Care

Home remedy for menstrual cramps
refers to treatment options that you could apply at home without a
doctor’s prescription to achieve menstrual cramp relief. This includes
vitamins, over-the-counter drugs, herbal therapies and much more.You may
seek medical advice from your doctor, which I highly recommend whenever

If you have had some succes, you may want to share with other women what you did to overcome cramps. You can do using the form at the bottom of this page.

Medical Care

Always remember the need for medical care when any of the pointers
described above occur.The simplest means of seeking medical care is to
call your doctor if that possibility exist. The second portal is to
visit the emergency department if warning symptoms arise.Regular
out-patient consultations with a family physician or with a Gynecologist
is the last portal through which medical care could be provided.

Medical options for menstrual cramp relief include

  1. Analgesics
    They could simply be a prescription of an NSAID ,other simple
    analgesics or the use of stronger hospital-based pain relieving
    medications if needed.
  2. Birth control pills
    These are the regular pills women use for birth control. They are used
    to control dysmenorrhea because of their potential to stop ovulation or
    suppress menses entirely. They definitely carry the same risks/benefits
    as when used for regular birth control. They are used when there is no
    relief with simply options like NSAIDS or nutrition.
  3. Surgery
    Some rare cases will require a surgical intervention. The removal of
    the endometrium (Endometrial ablation) removes the source of
    menstruation and arrests the cramps. Very few women may need the removal
    of the entire uterus ( hysterectomy) to provide a cure.

Other Strategies

Beside the techniques and options above, there are yet more proven strategies that offer some benefit to some women

  1. Behavioral techniques.In
    2007, a study demonstrated therapeutic benefits of behavioral
    techniques in providing menstrual cramp relief. It is assumed that
    environmental and psychological factors play a part in causing
    dysmenorrhea. Therefore physical and cognitive procedures focusing on
    coping strategies for symptoms but with no effect on the underlying
    processes could provide relief for some women. These strategies are
    applied by professionals.
  2. Acupuncture/Acupressure.This
    is an alternative therapy technique that applies pins or pressure on
    specific points on the body to achieve menstrual cramp relief. Some
    evidence exists suggesting some benefits. Some studies however have
    cautioned that further studies are still necessary. The technique is
    administered by trained professionals. Obviously, this is not a first
    treatment strategy you will try when cramps begin.
  3. Chiropractic practice.This
    involves spinal manipulation. In 2006, a study concluded that there was
    no significant benefit achieved through this technique despise claims
    of its effectiveness.
  4. Transdermal nitroglycerin.There is some evidence supporting the therapeutic evidence of nitroglycerin patch in relieving menstrual cramps.
  5. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).Studies
    have confirmed the effectiveness of TENS in providing menstrual cramp
    relief. It is like the effects of the heated pad discussed above.

Menstrual Cramp Relief Plan

Knowing the options for treatment is just the beginning. Effective usage of the options available is even more important.

not try to use all the options at the same time. A good personal plan
requires that you identify what works best for you,know your cycle,
apply a step-wise approach starting with the simple options before the
more complicated treatments and especially know when to see your doctor.


This should really interest every woman with regular cramps for
“prevention is better than cure” or “an ounce of prevention worth more
than a pound of treatment”, though there exist no strategy that is
certain to completely prevent menstrual cramps. However, they can
significantly reduce its intensity and increase the effectiveness of
currently used treatment options.

These preventive strategies will be beneficial

  1. Smoking cessation
  2. Reducing alcohol intake
  3. Regular exercising
  4. Maintaining an ideal body weight

For the definition and symptoms of menstrual cramps, please read ‘Menstruation cramps’

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How did you get rid your cramps? What methods worked best for you?

If you have obtained relief from menstrual cramps, your experience may be very helpful to other women.

Feel free to share your story and inspire other women!

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