Mid Cycle Bleeding: Ovulation Bleeding Basics

Mid Cycle Bleeding Or  Ovulation Bleeding

Mid cycle
bleeding is bleeding that occurs around the middle of the menstrual cycle,  which coincides with the time of ovulation.
It is therefore called ovulation bleeding or spotting during ovulation. Should 
I worry about this?

What Is Mid Cycle or Ovulation Bleeding?

Though many
other conditions can cause bleeding during the mid cycle period, the term “mid cycle
spotting or bleeding”
is reserved for a specific form of  
vaginal bleeding that is associated with the process of ovulation. That is why it can also be called
ovulation bleeding, spotting during ovulation or bleeding during ovulation. It
is not a disease but part of a normal process.

It occurs in
about 10% of all women, and   most  often occurs in adolescent and  in women in the perimenopausal  period. It may occur alongside mild   lower abdominal
called ovulation pain.

When Does
Ovulation Bleeding Occur?

It usually
occurs about 10 to 16 days after the last day of menses and can last from 12
hours  to a maximum of 1 to 2 days.  Remember that the  day of your mid cycle is not always Day 14.
The date of ovulation depends on the length of your cycle.  Unsure about your date of ovulation? Check it
out here  Ovulation and Menstruation.

Am I Having
Ovulation Bleeding?

This is a
frequent question from women visiting this site who are  trying to figure out if the bleeding they are
experiencing is the “mid cycle bleeding”. These are some key features of
ovulation bleeding to keep in mind:

  • It
    is not alarming! If you are alarmed, there is likely  a reason.
  • It occurs
    around your predicted ovulation date.
  • It is
    usually mild bleeding(called spotting). It is never heavy vaginal bleeding.
  • It usually  lasts 1-2 days.
  • It does not
    look like your menses. If it does, it is probably not ovulation bleeding.
  • It is
    usually not associated with any other symptoms, besides the mild pain that
    might sometime accompany ovulation. If you have significant pain abnormal discharge  or similar symptoms, the bleeding
    is not due to ovulation.

Bleeding vs Intermenstrual  Bleeding

Not all
bleeding that occurs during the mid cycle is ovulation bleeding. Other causes
of bleeding between periods may coincide with the mid cycle days though they
are not due to ovulation. The medical term for all vaginal bleeding that occurs
between normal menstrual periods  is metrorrhagia
or intermenstrual bleeding.

 That is why the term ovulation bleeding might
be better appellation because it clearly  links the bleeding as due to  ovulation. Get the quick facts about ovulation.

What Causes
Bleeding During Ovulation?

The most
acceptable explanation for spotting during ovulation is low estrogens levels
that occur during ovulation. This causes the endometrium  of the uterus  to decrease in thickness leading to bleeding.
This means the bleeding is coming  from
the uterus.

 Alternatively, it has been proposed that the
bleeding comes from the ovary that has ruptured to release the egg and
therefore lead to mild bleeding through the fallopian tubes into the uterus.
Some have even suggested the cervix as the source of the bleeding.

during ovulation is not a disease. You have to distinguish it from  more serious  causes
of abnormal uterine bleeding.

What To Do

As mentioned
above, the first step is not to mislabel an abnormal bleeding as ovulation
bleeding which may delay seeking necessary medical care. Mid cycle bleeding  does not
usually require treatment. You may take simple analgesics to control any
associated ovulation pain if necessary. If you think the bleeding requires treatment,
it is more likely that it is not ovulation bleeding and I would suggest you see
a doctor.

Suspecting your bleeding might not be ovulation bleeding? See other causes of abnormal uterine  bleeding.

Not still sure what think of, talk less  do? Ask Doc!

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  • Lori603


    • YourDoc

      6 months is a long while. I would suggest you atleast talk to your doctor about that. It might really be nothing serious or an underlying disease esp given your age so it is best you make sure medical check up shows nothing before calling it midcycle bleeding Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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  • Thanks a lot for the information which help me to solve my problem.

    • YourDoc

      U are welcome. Thanks for visiting Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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  • Terranitarenae22

    Hello im 22 year old house wife. I have a 2 year old before marriage now we want our own! I got on bc 9/20/11 & I bleed untill 5/3/12…. On 4/25/12 I was put on provera 10mg for 10 days. On day 8 I stopped bleeding. After my 10 day dose like two days later I had a normal menstral. I bleed from Sunday to Sunday.On CD 8&9 I saw light creamy discharge… On CD 10 I started seeing light blood when I urinate. Is this normal?

    • Terranitarenae22

      Sorry but I’m due to ovulate on Sunday 5/20/12…. Which is CD 14

      • Terranitarenae22

        That’s CD 15

      • YourDoc

        After bc, it may take a while of trying to actually get pregnant. You have to carefully discuss and understand the medical treatments with your doctor. Provera is like a birth control pill that can also be given to treat bleeding sometimes. Takiing it will definitely cause some irregularities with your menses and ofcouse it is also can work as a birth control pill! You therefore have to discuss with your doctor to understand the plans of any treatments you are receiving. Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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        Terranitarenae22 (unregistered) wrote, in response to Terranitarenae22 (unregistered): Sorry but I’m due to ovulate on Sunday 5/20/12…. Which is CD 14
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    • YourDoc

      Urinating blood is never normal except it is urine that has come into contact with your vagina. If you are truly urinating blood, then please see your doctor. If it is uterine bleed come out through your vagina, then it might be related to the dose of provera you just completed. Then you should only monitor it and wait for the next cycle. If it increases, please see your doctor Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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      Terranitarenae22 (unregistered) wrote, in response to YourDoc: Hello im 22 year old house wife. I have a 2 year old before marriage now we want our own! I got on bc 9/20/11 & I bleed untill 5/3/12…. On 4/25/12 I was put on provera 10mg for 10 days. On day 8 I stopped bleeding. After my 10 day dose like two days later I had a normal menstral. I bleed from Sunday to Sunday.On CD 8&9 I saw light creamy discharge… On CD 10 I started seeing light blood when I urinate. Is this normal? Link to comment
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  • Layla

    I have been going through midcycle bleeding for over a year now. I had a cyst that was treated in feb this year with bc and thought it would go away since the dr said it was gone.. But i have been cramping since May 4. My last period was april 24. I always have a good 2 weeks until ovulation then the bleeding starts and goes until my next period. I have had 2 yeast infections, one last month and now this past week. Exactly the same time. The bleeding starts out like a period then tapers off to spotting, but I always have it. It is red and sometimes has clots. Sometimes it will just be slightly pink and not very much. I am very frustrated since my obgyn says to go on the pill or deal with it. I have tried bc before and it didn’t help.  🙁

    • YourDoc

      Sorry to learn of the frustrating experience you are going through. The reason the obgyn says that is bc truly, there is no medication that ‘cures” cysts. Pills are hormones that usually can help shrink them and are often used. Your obgyn is better placed to discuss with you other options with you do not want any more bc. The extreme option is surgery or laparoscopy if it all the cyst is getting big Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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  • you need to bear in mind that the majority miscarriages happen inside the primary three months of being pregnant.
    Many thanks for sharing us great info….

  • Fiona

    Hi, I started bleeding on day 12.  At first it was just spotting but turned into bleeding and went for 6 days.  We are TTC so I did an ovulation test on day 12 and it came back positive.  I have very irregular periods, anywhere from 19 days to 64 but last month it was spot on 28 days.  I am a day late now but did a test on day 28 that came back negative.  We are due to start IVF as soon as my period arrives as I have an AMH of <1.  I am wondering if I should retest for pregnancy and if so, when?  It seems unlikely that a pregnancy would have taken after 6 days of ovulation/midcycle bleeding.  Appreciate your advice!  

    • YourDoc

      You can do a pregnancy about 10 days after the Day 12 of your cycle when the ovulation test was positive. It is a good idea to test if you suspect in any way you might be pregnant, if you feel comfortable to do so Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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  • TCA204

    Hi, I had a mc at 11 weeks in Mid February.   After that, we waited 3 normal cycle in order to start to ttc.  This is our second cycle trying and I am all of a sudden having blood in my cervical mucus… I have never had this before.  My last period started on the 11th, it is now the 27th and I have had the blood since the 24th.  Should I be worried?  Does this mean I am probably not pregnant?  Should I continue having sex?   Thank you, this is pretty nerve racking. 

    • YourDoc

      Yes, it is really “nerve racking”. Just be calm. You might be around your fertile period now depending on the length of your cycle. Yes, keep having sex regularly. Do a pregnancy test after your expected date of the next menses. It is important you relax, sometimes it might take a couple of months. if the spotting contiinues daily, or it increases or you have fevers, abdominal pain, pain during sex, etc, please see your doctor. Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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  • Rain

    my period was from june 17-21. on the 27th, i experienced mild bleeding. on the 28-29th, i experienced spotting. is this still considered as mid cycle bleeding provided that mid cycle bleeding occurs 10 to 16 days after menstruation?

    • YourDoc

      Correct, provided that there are no other possiblecauses Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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  • Diankito

    I had mild bleeding for 5 days when I was suposed do be ovulating. No it’s been about 20 days and I have not had my period yet (normally I have it about 15 days after ovulating). Is this normal?

    • YourDoc

      You know your cycle better than any doctor. If you think it is not normal for you, it is very likely true. At this time, before any step further, please do a pregnancy test to settle this first. If negative, then you can just observe and wait for the next cycle. if you have any other symptoms such as pain, bleeding, etc, please see a doctor Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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      Sent: Wednesday, 4 July 2012, 14:47
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  • Mattylu34

    Hi, I’m 33 and am ttc. I had mid cycle bleeding a day after my husband and I had sex. Is it still possible to get pregnant or wait till the bleeding starts so I know I’m ovulating? This is so confusing!!

  • Romerodiana56

    im seventeen and i have been sexually active for two years now, and we have never used protection but i have never gotten pregnant. and so just recently i have had sex and two days later i get a tingly feeling when i pee and a little bit of bright red blood when i wipe. what could I be? because I am right when I am ovulating. so I am not sure and need help please

    • MK

       Sounds like it could be a urinary tract infection… Check out those symptoms and see if they make sense.

    • YourDoc

      Hello there.No, two days after your encounter, it is not pregnancy. I will not be worried about pregnancy at this time but sexually transmitted diseases.I will encourage you to make sure you have yourself tested for those infections especially gonorrhea and chlamydia. There are others you should be concerned about. Please think about preventing not only pregnancy but also sexually transmitted diseases Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

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      Sent: Friday, 13 July 2012, 0:07
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  • Riosm

    I am 26 and for the last week every morning I take my birth control pill about 2 hours after I start bleeding and it doesn’t seem like a normal color but by evening it pretty much stops. Ten occurs again the next day. This morning I woke up with severe cramps that almost felt like constant contractions. What should I do?

    • YourDoc

      Well, first things first. If pills make you that sick, then stop then. Next step is contact your provider who prescribed then to you. Be advised then when you stop the pills, unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy and so you have to use other contraceptive methods while you get this settled with your health care provider. Such contractions are not common with the pills. i always advice, whenever strange things as such happen, do a pregnancy test. i know you are on the pills. But remember, stop the pills, contact your health provider and use other options while you settle this problem Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

  • Lana_cruz88

    My period came on the 19th for 2 days stopped and came light for 3 days later.  On 31st I started bleeding midday and nothing the next day.  Can this be mid cycle bleeding? 

    • YourDoc

      Not prudent to attribute this to mid cycle bleeding. mid cycle bleeding is normal and usually very mild. before saying that bleeding is normal, prudent to be sure nothing else is going on. if this is the first, you can simply observe. if it it is repeating and there are also some other symptoms like pain, please consult a doctor. do not forget to do a pregnancy test if you are sexually active Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

  • littlegal

    on my 16th day my mid-cycle bleeding occurred and on 18th day of my cycle it ended. after that i indulged in unprotected sex and took a pill. i am 2 days late on my periods now. can it be the reason for this or am i pregnant. i am really worried. please help.

    • YourDoc

      Yes, you could be pregnant. The only way to be sure now is to take that step, to take a pregnancy test Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

      • littlegal

        i took the pregnancy test and it showed negative… wat to do now..? still my periods haven’t started.

        • YourDoc

          If you think you really might be pregnant, then you can wait 5-7 days and repeat the test. If negative again, then you are not likely pregnant and you might just wait for your next menses. If you have any symptoms like pain or discharges, then you will need to see your doctor. Also, if your menses do not come after the expected period of the next one, you might need to see a doctor Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

          • littlegal

            ok… thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Darla

    Hi I had my regular period this month from the 10th to the 15th. I’m using a phone app “mydaysx” to keep track of my period and ovulation. I stopped using birth controls pills in May. The day I ws schedule for my ovulation (September 25th) I was bleeding again and still am and it’s now the 28th. It feels like a regular period. Should I be worried?

  • seren

    i need some help or advice..i finished my period about 5 days ago and then 3 days ago i started passing a jelly like substance from my vagina it was streaked with a little blood but i wasnt concerned,but today it’s all bright red blood but still in a jelly like substance,i have been producing this continuously through out the day.i am only sexually active with my partner of 2 years and also had a child 9 months ago….hopefully you can help me

    • Sorry getting to your message late. First, you want to make sure it is not normal ovulation period mucus you were having that is jelly like. Then the next thing to worry is about the possibility of an infection, especially if you have itching or offensive discharge ordor. I guess by now, you should have figured out what it was. If in any doubt or more specific questions, please use the Contact Doc form above

  • Fiona

    is there a natural rememdy to control mid cycle bleeding as i do not wish to every be back on birth control

  • Cleo

    Hi, I came off birth control two months ago, I have had one normal period 35 days after my withdrawal bleed. I was expecting a similar pattern this month but I’ve had some very odd symptoms. I am currently 8 days late (If I do have a 35 day cycle). 15 days before I thought AF was due I had light pinkish spotting for a couple of days I thought this was probably ovulation spotting, then 5 days after that (10 days before AF was due) I had a days heavy bleeding, it was not period bleeding as it was thinner and had no clots (sorry for TMI!) I thought this could be implantation bleeding but I did a test when I was 5 days late and it was negative. I’m now slightly worried that something is wrong. If you can shed any light that would put my mind at ease I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • vanessa cerezo

    3 days after my last dose of Provera (7days treatment ) i had my menstruation which lasted for 6 days, then 14 days after im having abdominal cramps and bleeding like menstruation again. Any ideas of whats happening? By d way im also on Metformine 1x a day for 3 mos now.

    • YourDoc

      I would be best for you to inform the doctor who prescribed the 7day course of provera. He/she knows your current health status and the reason why the provera is given and therefore is best place to let you know. Random suggestions to you as to the likely causes might be misleading and cause unnecessary worries for you. You would need to be sure what is going on and that requires your doctor’s attention, at least a phone call if possible. If you have any other general questions about it, please be free to ask Quality menstruation information for women http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com

  • Chloe

    Good day! I have this problem since November and up to now I’m still experiencing spotting.I already checked if I’ m pregnant but the results are negative.I’m very confused and scared on whats happening.I am one of those experiencing irregular menstruation since age of 12, since then my doctor only given me medicine to have my menstruation occur.But last year 2012, when we decided to stop the medicine i experience a spotting every month and it takes 5 to 1 wk. so i thought that it just a menstruation,so no need to worry.But my worries start last Nov. when my spotting continues up to now.I already consult my OB and take some test but the results still negative.I already undergone MRI test,paps smear and the one with same procedure as paps smear but more irritating and cause a little bit pain. Please help me and any ideas of what is this? Thank you!

    • YourDoc

      Sorry to hear of the difficulties you are facing there, Chloe. I can really be frustrating to have a disturbing problem and nothing being found. On the otherhand, it is reassuring that at least nothing quite serious is going on after seeing an OB and having those tests. I would start by suggesting you focus on this second aspect, that all these means that though no clear explantion exists at the moment, it is likely not something quite serious. Maybe no need to allow it drive you crazy. What medication were you taking? If it was a hormone, then it might be contributing. After such a while, it will take your system months to adapt to a new hormonal atmosphere and spotting like that might not be uncommon. I therefore suggest you calm down, follow up closely with you OB and just be patient to allow time to heal or reveal.

  • CherriBlossom

    My last known period was December 20th, 2012.
    8 days after, I decided to try the raspberry leaf tea and on the 4th of January (2 days after taking the tea), I started bleeding.
    It lasted for a week – the length of a normal period.
    I’m not sure if this would be considered normal bleeding, bleeding from implantation, bleeding from the tea because of its use, or bleeding that is mentioned here…

    help please!

    • YourDoc

      It is not midcycle bleeding for sure. It is never that long. An early period? possible. Implantation bleeding? probably not because it is usually not that heavy to look like a period. Maybe the tea precipitated this, we cannot confirm. As always, whenever you have strange bleeding, you can do a pregnancy test first just to clear the air. Advice is to wait till your next cycle, avoid the tea if this repeat, see a doctor if the bleeding is repeatedly irregular or heavy

  • P.O.

    Hi, this is the first time I have bleeding in 13th day of my cycle. First day I got small amount of brown bleeding and continuing for 14th day also. I am very much afraid. Is this due to force ejaculation ?I am 24 got married 8 months before. I need ur advice. Please help me

    • YourDoc

      Hello. Sorry I could not clearly understand what your question was. From what I can get from, single episodes of mid cycle bleeding like this without any other symptoms should not be a cause to worry. You should just observe. You should see a doctor if you have other symptoms like pain or fever. If you have any other questions, please be free to use the contact doc form at the top right or use write it here

  • thwippersnapple

    My average cycle after having my daughter two and a half years ago was anywhere from 24-28 days. In February I took a Plan B and had bleeding similar to a regular period 14 days into my cycle. 14 days later I’m having a similar cycle and I’m not sure what’s going on. Can Plan B disrupt cycles like this?

    • YourDoc

      Yes, Plan B can lead to some menstrual changes. It is a hormone and can affect the menstrual cycle hormones . That shouldn’t stay for many months though, usually within 1-2 months, your menses should be as usual. It is just to be sure it is just the plan B. Please do a pregnancy test when appropriate just to clear the air

  • Sophie

    Hi i am 23 years old, 7 months pp.. I have bloody discharge for last 2 days,although it’s 14th day of my cycle.. I have pain on my left ovary and in lower back left side too.. Please help

    • YourDoc

      Do you mean 7months pregnant? If so, lease see your doctor. That requires medical attention. There are no menstrual cycles during pregnancy

      • Sophie

        No i mean 7 months post partum.. I gave birth 7 months ago:) and now that my periods came back 2 months ago after i stopped breastfeeding, now i have this bloody discharge plus pain:(

        • YourDoc

          I see. Thank you for the clarification. I know it might sound strange but if you have been sexually active recently, past 1-3months, please do a pregnancy test. That will settle one big question. Some women have conceived before they see their menses in postpartum. It can really get tricky. Vaginal bleeding and pain will require medical evaluation. I will recommend you see a doctor. Unfortunately, there is no great medical advice I can give you to handle this at home. The best advice now is to see a doctor to be evaluated.

          • Sophie

            Thanks a lot:) i m not pregnant but i did ultrasound yesterday and will see doc on monday and probably be evaluated further:)

  • Keke

    Hi I am 41 and ttc. I am taking evening primrose oil as well as dong quai tea. I do not take the tea during menstruation because I have read the risk of excessive bleeding. Now I had a VERY heavy period on 4/08 it lasted 7 days with lots of clotting. I was worried because I awoke to a gush of tissue with light and dark clots. Now today 4/29 I am bleeding again. Yesterday I had a backache. But today I awoke to bleeding and it is not like my normal period but still bright red with very tiny clots. According to ovluation predictor I m not due for af till 5/09 (10 days from now) could this be implantion bleeding? I also used preseed this month while ttc. I also have a slight headache.

    • Unfortunately, there is no way of telling from what you exactly what that bleed is. That is significant irregular bleeding you are having. If you have not yet seen a doctor to discuss your ttc and the bleeding you are having, that will be my best advice for you. It will be to your best interest to know if there is any correctable abnormality before ttc.

  • Keke

    Also this “gush” of fluids made its appearance on the 3 day of my period. How long does implantion bleeding last ? I had it with my daughter 10 yrs ago. I had my full period then went to the Dr and i about 4/5 weeks pregnant. went home 2 days later I passed a “bloody jelly like” clot.
    So that is what I am looking for in implantion bleeding. This is different.

    • Not every bleeding in early pregnancy is implantation bleeding. You may have a threaten abortion, meaning there the pregnancy was “threatening to come out” and bleed. Implantation bleeding is mild,just as the text explains and is specifically bleeding due to implantation

  • Yes, you can! It depends on what is causing the bleeding. Remember that bleeding during ovulation is not normal.

    • ski

      My friend came too see on the 10 of sept we had sex until the 13 while he was here..my cycle suppose to have came on during the week he left…i track my cycle monthly…my calendar said i was 10 days late an i started spot on my ovulation date it was lite pink im not having much blood on my pad but whn i use the bathroom a flow of blood im confuse could i be pregnant ……

  • cyrine

    Hi, I need some advice ASAP.

    I had my regular periods on time on the 5th of May. After that I was sexually active twice with my husband. I ate the emergency pill right after sex both the times because we didn’t use any protection. The gap between these two sexual encounter was one week.

    I have been working out a lot at the gym with diet and under stress lately. On the 20th of May I saw fresh red blood which slowly turned into dark red the second day. It was bleeding because I had to wear a pad. I usually suffer from abdominal as well as back pain during my cycle.

    should I be worried?? Kindly help.

    • YourDoc

      If the bleeding persists, then you should be concerned about it. I will still suggest you do a pregnancy test if you miss your next expected period just to be sure. If the bleeding is completely over and you have no other symptoms like pelvic pain or discharges, then you might just observe. If you have such symptoms persisting, please see a doctor

  • Mrsttc14

    Hi. I’m 26 yrs old and ttc. I have been off of bc for 6 months now after having been on it regularly for 8 yrs. I have had normal 26 day cycles for the last 6 months off of bc. This month I had a normal 5 day cycle then on day 13 I had a few brown spots. Day 14 it was dark red then today, day 15 it’s brown/red again and enough to need a panty liner. I have been using clear blue ovulation predictor and I’ve gotten “high fertility” signs the last 5 days. I have yet to get a “peak fertility” sign though. Is this ovulation bleeding perhaps or something to be concerned about?

    • YourDoc

      It seems very much like ovulation bleeding. But watch for some red flags like heavy bleeding, severe pain or vaginal discharges which should make you see a doctor. If just the mid cycle spotting, that you can just simply observe

  • Katelyn Battles

    I’m 20 and I ended my period about 12 days ago. I had sex on my last period day, 12 days go but took a morning pill the next morning. I had sex 6 days ago but took a day after pill the next morning. I also have been taking a new birth control pill for almost 2 months now. Yesterday, I started spotting and having cramps, this morning I awoke to a good amount of jelly like sticky gross brown and dark red substance. Throughout the day it got brighter in red.I have been wearing a pad but it isn’t heavy to the point of changing it at all. It usually only passes when using the restroom. I’m also taking meds for a yeast infection. IS this ovulation? is this normal? I CANNOT get pregnant, so please tell me this isn’t pregnancy? Help 🙁 I can’t get pregnant. I just cant. what is wrong?

    • YourDoc

      Katelyn, I cannot tell you this isn’t pregnancy and don’t know clearly why you say you CANNOT get pregnant. Otherwise,I will suggest you take a pregnancy test whenever you are in doubt. Please see a doctor if this continues. It seems cannot be resolved easily here. I will therefore suggest you visit a doctor, if you have not yet done so

  • Lucy

    Hi, thought I’d ask a question on here regarding mid cycle bleeding and hormones. I’m 21, and after taking the morning after pill nearly 2 years ago, my cycle has completely changed. The week before my period I start spotting really dark brown blood, have horrendous PMS, hormonal acne and really painful periods. I was also experiencing mid cycle pain on one side. My GP put me on the pill, but after 8 months I decided it wasn’t for me – I tried a couple of brands, but felt suicidal each time, and was generally an unbearable person on it! So nearly a year after taking the pill, and still getting the blacky brown spotting before each period for a week and terrible PMS, I recently figured it was to do with hormones. I read that the herb agnus castus is great for PMS, so took that for 3 months. It made symptoms worse, and now I’m not taking it anymore I’m bleeding mid-cycle! I don’t know what to do! I’m gathering it’s all hormone related, but my GP has said I should go back on the pill and that everyone experiences weird spotting. I’m just worried as it’s definitely not something I used to experience, and if it’s hormone related I’d love to have babies one day and don’t want to ignore the root of any problems! Sorry that this has become quite a long message!

    • YourDoc

      That is OK Lucy. We are here to help and we read every bit of the text! Sorry to read of the difficulties you are experiencing there. There is definitely something going on with your cycle. Your GP is also right, sometimes, there are some little symptoms and irregularities here and there but you have clearly not tolerated the pill which often work great. I am not sure if the you stopped the pills MAINLY because of the side effects or because they were not controlling your symptoms. It is unsual for a morning after pill to still be having effects 2 years later. My guess is that it is probably not related. Was there an event surrounding the use of that pill, including the encounter that has had any emotional impact on you? You can use this form to send me a message to our inbox so that it will be open http://www.menstruation-info-with-doc.com/contact-doc.html

      If that is OK with you, you can briefly mention some results of any pertinent lab test or ultrasound done to better help you answer your question.

      • Lucy

        Hi, I left a reply using the form last week, though I’m unsure where to find a reply.. It’s probably my fault for filling it in wrong or something! So thought I’d write a quick reply here just in case. I stopped the pill because of the side effects (though none of the brands I tried stopped my symptoms either. They shortened the length of spotting time straight before period to around 2 days instead of 5, but didn’t control the mid cycle pain.) There weren’t any events surrounding the use of the morning after pill 2 years ago that had any impact emotionally on me – nothing serious anyway. I don’t feel like the dark brown spotting before I come on my period is ‘normal’ for me, even though it’s happened every month since – I was just wondering whether or not it should be something to worry about? I had an ultrasound and results came back fine. But even though I’m just over half way through my cycle at the moment, I’m spotting brown blood, or bright red when I go to the bathroom, and have a dull sort of achy pain on either or both sides of my uterus. I really appreciate any sort of help – I’ve asked GPs and I’ve only been offered contraceptive pills instead of answers, and I’m starting to worry!

        • YourDoc

          Hope you got the email response. Please let us know if you didn’t

  • ash

    Hello…I had my first period after the depot shot 16days ago……2 days ago an ovulation test said I was at high fertility….yesterday morning I found pinkish stains in my underwear..and all day yesterday I would wipe my vulva and there would be blood….this morning I feel pain In my right ovary and lower abdomen and am still bleeding and passed a clot when I used the restroom this morning..could this be norMal mid cycle bleeding???

    • YourDoc

      Ash, that will not be strange within the first few weeks of starting a depot shot. Your body will need some time to adapt to the new hormonal environment. Hopefully, this was discussed with you before starting the shot. Except you have other symptoms, I would recommend you simply wait and observe. If you have heavy bleeding, pain, fevers or similar symptoms, please see your doctor. Oh if you have persistent irregular bleeding, let your doctor or the health care provider who prescribe depot for you know about it.

  • Myra

    I have 4 kids. I found out i can’t use latex or hormonal bc so now i have the copper iud and so far love it. But now i find myself spotting a 1 1/2 week after my period. it’s light (not even enough for a liner) but i went to check my string and my cervix is soft. I’m also having burning iching pains but i’m clean (no STD’s) I’m not pregnant and i dont know what else to do.

    • YourDoc

      Hello Myra. I would suggest you see the health professional who inserted the device. Please consider doing a pregnancy test( hopefully you did that before affirming you are not pregnant)

  • Leann

    I have been experiencing very light bleeding, brown stretchy thick discharge. I am mid cycle and have slight discomfort in left abdomen, during ovulation I usually have this discomfort. It is not heavy and has shown up once each day for the past three days. Does this sound like normal ovulation bleeding?

    • YourDoc

      It does sound like it except that 3 days might be just above the usual length we expect. If this occurs most months, around the middle of your cycle and completely resolves without other symptoms such as severe abdominal pain or heavy bleeding, then it could be mid cycle bleeding

  • Dana Folger

    please help!! I had my period on dec 4….. after my period only a couple days my husband and I had sex and he pulled out…. that was the only time that month we had sex. around two weeks after my regular period I bleed for two days….. what can it be and is there a chance im pregnant. also it is now jan 10 and still no period when will it come?

    • YourDoc

      Hello Dana. It is definitely possible you could be pregnant. The only way to be sure is to do a pregnancy test. Please have a pregnancy test done at home. If you have any doubts, repeat the test in about 3-5 days. The test result will let you know if you are pregnant or not. Be sure to contact us if any questions remain unanswered

  • Kel

    Last Saturday night when I used the bathroom there was red blood on the toilet paper. Then for three days I had brownish on the toilet paper with a couple small clots. It got less and less, but lasted for about six days total. We are ttc. Does this sound like ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding. It was two weeks after my last period, but my periods are not always regular.

  • Grace Galano

    need some help….i ahd my period las february 22, 2014..we had unprocted sex with my husband march 5, 2014..then early in the morning i theres blood in my panty…what could it be?…amd we are trying to conceive…plaes help…thnks

  • mimi

    Hello been ttc for 2years finally decided to go to doc im booked in for 21day blood test on the 20th I always have 28 day cycle which means im ovulating today had sex early hours this morning 5 min ago went to the toilet to wee and they was some blood on the toilet paper we didnt have rough sex dont think I cut myself so whats happening I never had this before isit normal to bleed during ovulation? And its not period just spots of light pink blood any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • mika

    I have been ttc for 7 months. Upon removal of my copper iud, I became pregnant 2 weeks later, but lost it early on. Since then, my periods quickly returned to the usual clockwork. Recently, during the current cycle, I had spotting on day 14. Only visible at two toilet visits, one was fairly light and the second was a bit heaver, brownish, mixed, nothing that required a liner, and that was it. I became worried because this has ever happened to me before. I’ve read that it’s normal and I’ve read it can be perimenopausal. I am turning 42 next month, so of course, I’m worried that I may have missed my time to have a second child.
    Any insight on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Megan

    Help! I got my period April 1st and it is now the 12th, and I starting spotting yesterday and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex last night and now I am having heavy bleeding. This is right during my fertile days so I have no clue if this is ovulation bleeding or if it is to heavy, or if it is implantation bleeding…. HELP!

  • Ashley

    I just had my first period since my miscarriage on the 16th and it ended on the 22nd. My doctor said my husband and I could try for another baby after my period and that I’d probably ovulate 14 days after I started. I should be ovulating now, but when I woke up this morning I started bleeding. It’s not a lot or painful like my cycle. Does this sound normal? Could I be bleeding from ovulating?

  • Rachelle Lind

    Hi I had curette on 20th February 2014 coursed by heamorgin and period all over place every month since I had op on 23rd February I started my period lasted 5 days after that my period has been every 35 days I don’t know if I have been ovulating my bleeding has been pinkish red colour I had my last period on 1st may 2014 lasted 3-4 days was very very light pinkish colour well I started bleeding again on 17th may 2014 for sum reason I’m suppose to be ovulating round this time the bleeding is not spotting lil bit heavy has small strands of clots very dark red trying to have another baby but no success yet what can this be from please help

  • Gretchen

    I need some advice please! I got my period Sunday three weeks ago, it was a heavy period like I usually get it.. That following Friday it stopped, and Sunday (2 days later) I got my period again. It continued for another 5 days, and stopped on the following Friday again. Again 2 days later I got my period for another 2 days and only then it stopped completely.. It’s painful and my stomach is swollen ever since the first time I started this weird cycle. Please I need advice, I am not keen on going to doctors about these things. If it’s serious then I will go..

  • michelle

    hi need advice i was on a periiod 4/6/14 come of the 5/6/14 had sex on the sat the 7/6/14 and after it started spoting and spoted on the 9/6/14 i just woundering whit haveing sex on the 7 how likely is it i could be preganat as if i was spoting then i was ovulating thanks

  • pattywat

    Tffu IVF

  • JollyBones


    I need some help or advice if its possible. I had my menstruation on the 27th of june, now its july the 11th and when i went to the bathroom i saw this lightcoloured blood on my underwear. Is it normal ? because i think this is the first time something happends like this to me.

    Thank you for reading,

  • Ebear

    Hi I was seeking a second opinion. I called my OBGYN but only talked to the nurse who said it was no big deal. I’ve been off depot 2 yrs and what a ride. Things started to regulate after about a year. I had a LEEP IN 2005 and have significant cervical scaring. I have periods that rotate from 31 days one month to 26 the next (literally flip flopping). My periods are 2-3 days and stop abruptly without spotting. I have pretty typical CM pre ovulation.Around day 14-15 I have ovulation spotting that shows as a brown very dark streak, it is heavier than pictures I have seen online but not bleeding, more like passing old clotted blood. It does correlate with a rise in BBT. Then for the next week I have discharge that is light brown tinged and not heavy just shows a little in my underwear or wiping. This happens every month like clockwork. Should I be concerned? Is there a certain hormone that might still be out of wack. Maybe my body is holding in old blood from the scar tissue. I’m not sure but if we are TTC within the next year I would like to sort things out. Thank you.

  • snowy

    Hi every body my gyni doc put me on provera for 3months and for a10day cycle and the 24 june 2014 I start with my first 10 tablets so after my last pill on day 3 I get my first regular period and this month is my 2nd month of using provera and when my 10day tablets was done on 3 I start my irregular periods and it was a 3day spots can anybody tel me if its pregnant or not

  • KLK

    I don’t know how many can really help me since this is pretty old, but I’m on the pill and take it at the same time everyday and have never missed a pill. I do keep track of my periods and when I should have ovulated (if not on the pill) Yesterday I should have normally ovulated and had thick, light pink discharge and slight cramps in my lower abdomen. Since I am on the pill I should not have ovulated so the pink discharge can’t be from ovulation right? I’m somewhat afraid that I could be pregnant, but tested today and got a negative response. I just don’t know what could have caused pink discharge and cramps when I am at least two weeks away from my period… Any help?

  • mrsdahl

    Hubby and I are currently t t c after a loss. Last month I had very lite bleeding around ovulation time. Afyer that My period was 11 days late. But it came and was pretty heavy. I am supped to ovulate tomorrow but I have been having a bit heavier bleeding the last two days and today. It isn’t nearly like my period bleeding, but it is heavier than last month. I have never had bleeding around ovulation before. Also my o p k have been negative, not showing any fluctuations.

  • mzlili

    I was just wondering if I can concieve now..had been bleeding reddish brown blood every week since been off depo 4 months ago.

  • Shaaz

    Hi there, plz respond to me. I had sex wit ma husband at 14 and 16 day at mid cycle trying to conceive. Day 17 comes spotting like discharge of blood, it’s likely an ovulation bleeding. Is it possible that I conceived while spotting occurred after the deed???

  • Typhanie0304

    My last period was july 27. It lasted my normal 5 days
    my next period isn’t due for 11 more days.
    Last night I hit my stomach on my foot board I went to the bathroom to
    find I was bleeding…. this never happened before. . Im ALWAYS on time
    with my menstrual. Give or take A DAY.
    not over a week…by my calendar I ovulated a few days ago..
    Idk. Im nervous.
    Any input on my situation? ??

  • jovy

    Hi, I’m 29 yrs.I need some advise I have my period lat 26 august’ stop on 1 sep. after 3 days i saw blood pot, pink, turn o dark brown blood, I felt pain on my stomach I usually pass gas and its been 2 weeks the spotting or bleeding has not stop yet..is this normal I’m so scared please advise…

  • Naomi

    I had my period for 6 days which finished 2 days ago. There was no sign of any blood yesterday but today it there is blood. I’m a little concerned as I am having slight tummy cramps and my lower back is aching.
    Is there anything I should do? What could this be? Should I go and see my doctor?

  • Rifa

    I got married last month 11th. I had a period on september 29th. This month 11th i got periods again.. But the bleeding is little different like as blood clots.. Is this create any problem? Have i want to consult Doctor? plz reply me as soon as possible.. I am waiting for ur reply.

  • omaima

    my last period date is 6 maech n 19 of march again spotting start after intercourse n now still spotting start .dr recommend ultrasound n report is normall…..n dr also check with speculum 3 times n every thing is ok ……no tears …..but spotting is start so m scared ….so what is the basic reason of spotting?
    plz tell m realyy depressed
    n my period date ios near .so how can i diff btw spooting n periods
    bcz some times normal heavy bleeding like 2to 4 drops…..when i use tissue to check spotting.plz give me a ans plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • hariana

    Hi Doctor, please advice me! I have a first baby is now 8 months. This month is 2nd time period after baby born.I am wondering one thing, normally i used to have 4-5 days bleeding period before baby, now after baby (6month later) first time period seen in 4th day with little blood and then after continuously for 28-30 days bleeding 2/3 pads a day. Now this month as well same thing repeated for 28/30 days bleeding. What is this, what happened to me?Is there anything that I need to worry, I will not go to doctor until it is considered as a serious matter, because some of my friend’s case is also similar and it happened to them as well. But one thing what i believe is everybody’s physical body is not same. I will be really appreciated if you can explain me what it is. Thank you in advance.

  • confused

    Please help! My last period started April 7th, I have regular 30 day cycles. I had unprotected sex on April 16, 17, 18 and 19th. My predicted ovulation date is April 23. On April 19th and 20th I had some spotting? it was just a few random drops but they were dark red, today April 21 I had a bit of brownish red clumpier spotting and now it’s gone. Is this ovulation bleeding or should I go to my doctor?

  • Ocbae

    Have a question so my LMP was on the 6th it ended on the 10th I noticed or so to seem I was ovulating the white discharge then the mucus.. I’ve had sex the 16, 17,18, and the 19th.. Well on the 18th I started spotting light blood.. It’s now the 26thand I’m still bleeding a little but seems like I’m on my period.. But all I’m having is cramps.. Am I still ovullating or is it an early period… It’s light not like my normal period I don’t know what to think help !

  • Samar Malik

    I was TTC since last 4 years and diagnosed with ovarian cyst of about 4cm size. Its a clear fluid filled cyst and despite using lots of oral contraception pills, its still there. Now my doctor asked me to start using clomid and in my recent cycle i tried clomid for the first time as recommended by my doctor.
    on my 16th day of cycle, i started bleeding unexpectedly. It started from a blackish jelly like substance and then a few drops of blood too… it lasted for two days with a mild pain in lower abdomin and thighs and along with all that, it made me feel dizzy and weak. I have been using clomid and doing hardcore workout for around 1.5 hours daily.
    can plz anybody tell me the causes of my bleeding???
    Is it due to clomid??? Or due to my workout??? Or its a simple ovulation bleeding??? Really need guidance plzzz

  • Taylor

    I need help understanding what’s happening to my body. The first day of my last period was on June 10 and lasted five days. I got really dehydrated and got a fever so I started to take Advil for my headaches. But I started bleeding yesterday (June 30) and I’m now very concern. It’s been two days and I been getting a lot of blood clots. The bleeding is heavy enough not to be spotting but light enough to not be my regular period. can anyone please help 🙁

    • Nn

      Similar situation, did you find out what caused the irregularity?

  • cletecia

    Hello everyone I had my period on sept 13th-17th and then spotted sept 30th-oct 2nd. what could this be?

  • Pepi

    I had my periods from 25 to 29 th September…
    And on 3rd and 4th of October I had unprotected sex but i was not ejaculated. And on 11th 12th 13th oct I had spotting slowly increasing brown spotting… And today 14th Oct I have medium to heavy spotting or brown bleeding where I had to use sanitary napkins.. Wat is this ..?? And according to my periods app my ovulation was on 9th October.. 25 yr old

  • kelly

    My period comes every 33-45 days. However this month my period came even later. It came on the 47th day. When I began it came in a small amount. I would usually bleed a lot the first few days and slowly stop(my period last 6-7 days). This time around, it seemed like the entire process was like the last few days of my period… The whole process was like 3 days and my period ended. However I did not fully stop bleeding, i would spot a tiny bit. I kept on spotting for an entire week. I didn’t think much of it because it’s usually how period works… bleed… spot…. gone…. but this time around instead of stopping, i began bleeding again. As if I i am having a normal period all over again. Bleeding wise I have been bleeding 3 weeks straight if you include spotting too.What could be the cause of this? I am concerned.

  • Lara Stark

    I have been taking cassava root for hyper stimulation and I had ovulation pains on cd16 and 17, a very positive lh test on cd16 (I only took it to confirm things as I hadn’t been doing them regularly) and then, on the morning of cd18 (this morning) I had a reasonably heavy red bleed that has gone on – when I do to the toilet mainly – most of the day. I have light cramping too but it doesn’t feel like a period. I am desperately trying to get pregnant; does this bleeding suggest my chances are minimal? Thank you

  • shaciria

    Hello I had sex with my boyfriend Friday night, but Saturday morning I went to work and when I used the restroom I noticed clear stretchy cervical fluid on the toilet paper with a spot of blood. We also had sex saturday night and every since that day I haven’t seen it again what could that mean?

  • Julie

    Hi. My LMP was on 1/3/16 and cycle days are usually 32 days long. According to OPK, I was at peak on 1/25/16, then on 1/28/16, I noticed a light pinkish blood when wiping. It did that for 3 days straight along with low back pain and the 4th day, I started to bleed a wee bit more. This kind of spotting is usual for me as I’ve never experienced it before. I’m wondering if its possible that it could bee ovulation bleeding or is it my menstrual cycle????

  • amy bush

    Need help please. For the past few months now i have had my normal period and when its time for me to start ovulating i always start bleeding that same day and it lasts for about 4-5 days stop then i will have my period so im basically bleeding 2weeks out the month. Is this normal? Ive been with my partner for a year n half having unprotected sex and i have yet to get pregnant. I have two girls 8&9 already so i kno im able to.conceive but dont know why im not able to get pregnant now. Any suggestions would be really greatful.