The Missed Period: Missed Menses And Not Pregnant?

Missed Period But Not Pregnant?

A missed period can trigger extremes of emotions in a woman.

The first impression triggered by missed periods in women is the
possibility of pregnancy. This may be a very relieving thought for those
women seeking to be pregnant.

However, a missed menstrual cycle bleeding may bring some anxiety in women who do not want to be pregnant.

In some cases,it is not pregnancy but the fear of having an underlying disease interfering with their menstrual cycle.

the case, I know you can vividly remember the first time in your life
you noted a missed menses if ever as yet. We will see together in this
article common causes other than pregnancy and what to do.

Definition of Missed Periods

The expression ‘missed period’ is basically absence of menstruation or amenorrhea.
However, its usage amongst women is specific. It is often used when a
woman first notices that menses have failed to occur when they were
expected to. It is this first absence of menses that either triggers joy
or anxiety depending on whether pregnancy is desired!

Keep these facts

  1. A missed menses means you were fully aware when the flow should occur
    but it did not. If you are not familiar with some necessary basics,
    consider reading the ovulation cycle and normal menstruation.
  2. You
    should know what is normal for you, in terms of cycle length and
    subtle irregularities. Normally, women who have highly predictable
    menstrual cycles start bothering about a missed period as soon as 1-2
    days after the expected onset date.

3. Remember also that periods are often irregular during
the first few years after menstruation starts until the hormones of
menstruation get stabilized and also the time shortly before menopause.

For more on the correct definition of amenorrhea or absence of menses, including the two types, please read absence of menstruation.

Amenorrhea Causes

If you have not had your periods for more than two months, and a
pregnancy test is negative, read more about secondary amenorrhea to know the different potential causes.

have I not had my period yet? First things first! Pregnancy should be
the first possibility in all sexually active women and it should be
excluded before any other possible causes be explored.

day-to-day causes include the following( Please see follow the link
above for a more extensive presentation of the common causes)

  1. Miscalculation. Yes, be sure you are not making a mistake with the calculation of your next period.
  2. Stress.
    The hormones that control menstruation are sensitive to stress whether
    domestic, occupational or social. Also, an acute medical illness may
    also be the cause menstrual irregularity. The stress of traveling or
    even changing the usual work shifts schedules may be the cause.
  3. Excessive weight loss. Weight loss is advisable when appropriate but an excessive or rapid loss of weight will cause an illness by itself.
  4. Eating disorders. These include the psychiatric diseases anorexia and bulimia.
  5. Excessive exercise. This is very common amongst high-level athletes during moments of intense performance.
  6. Medications. Birth control pills are a good example.
  7. Medical and surgical diseases of the pelvic organs.
    The first missed menstrual bleeding may be the start of the amenorrhea
    caused by a serious disease of the female genital organs such as
    polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  8. Menopause. When menopause approaches, you may begin to start having some missed cycles.

You can also read amenorrhea causes to learn more about the causes of missed periods for several months.

What Should I Do?

What should you do when you first notice your menses do not come as
expected? Do not freckle! The most important things are to take a
breadth, relax and think about it for a while and make sure it is not a
pregnancy! Always do a pregnancy test to settle the issue of pregnancy
upfront. These could be done after 10 days of ovulation.

if the pregnancy test is negative, and the there is no other symptom
associated with the missed period, there is most often no emergency in
it. Simply relax and try to figure out if any of the common causes may
be the reason. Lifestyle adjustment including relaxation or reduction
of the intensity of exercise may help.

Seek medical care

  • Any vaginal bleeding or pelvic pain.
  • No flow after 2-3 cycle lengths with no other symptoms.
  • If you suspect any underlying disease may be present.
  • If you suspect a medication may be the cause. Do not stop any medication abruptly without consulting your physician.

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