Spotting Before Period or Premenstrual Spotting

Spotting Before Period

Spotting before period or premenstrual spotting is a common problem. The causes could be serious or benign and it requires an extra menstrual hygiene precaution.

What Is Spotting  or Bleeding Before Period?

Spotting is mild bleeding that usual appears as a brown or pink
stain on the underwear. It is not overt, bright red bleeding that occurs
as in normal menses.

Premenstrual spotting occurs about 2-4 days before the overt menstrual bleeding. It therefore occurs during the luteal phase of the cycle.

Causes Of Premenstrual Spotting

The causes are diverse, from trivial to more serious ones which require prompt medical evaluation and treatment.

  1. Low progesterone. Progesterone is the major hormone of the luteal phase. Insufficient levels are the major abnormality of the Luteal Phase Defect.
  2. Ovulation. There might be spotting or mild bleeding associated with the release of the egg. Also called mid cycle bleeding. This sort of spotting usually occurs early in the luteal phase, more than 8 days before menstrual bleeding.
  3. Birth control methods.
    Most modern birth control methods use hormones which may affect the
    uterine lining and cause spotting or even bleeding. This sort of
    spotting is not limited to luteal phase. The kind of bleeding is usually
    called break through bleeding.
  4. Pregnancy.
    If pregnancy occurs after ovulation, there might be some spotting
    before the expected date of menses, which of course will be missed!This
    is called implantation bleeding.
    Pregnancy causes a one time premenstrual spotting and not a regular
    month-after-month spotting. An ectopic pregnancy is a serious possible
    cause of luteal phase spotting.
  5. Hormonal imbalance. Medical conditions such as thyroid disorders or medications such as aspirin may cause spotting.
  6. Genital diseases. Diseases such as fibroids, pelvic infections, ovarian cysts or genital tract cancer may produce spotting or bleeding.
  7. Endometrial biopsy. This may leave a few months of premenstrual spotting on its wake.

What Do I Do?

Vaginal spotting like bleeding must be explained. This is even more important in cases of recurrent premenstrual spotting.

medical care for all cases of 2 or more episodes of spotting before
menses for proper evaluation. It is not wise to assume any cause before
objective medical evaluation.

Disease-specific treatments will be
instituted for every specific cause identified whenever appropriate. In
some few cases, no specific cause might be identified and treatment may
become challenging. In these cases, a trial of progesterone
supplementation may be helpful. Reading more about this condition and
discussing with your doctor is a good idea!.

If you suspect you might be having a very early pregnancy,  you may be having an implantation bleeding. You may want to read is this implantation bleeding?

Not sure what is going on? Contact Doc.

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  • shal

    Hi..plz help
    As it is very hot here n I consumed a lot of hot stuff like mango chocolates..etc n I m passing a little urine nd I hv some spots of blood like thing on my underwear since from past 2 days..and its only 15 days since I have mensuration…will u plzzz help me what is happeningwith me 🙁

  • she

    i am having thyroid. so will it be difficult to concieve . ill thyroid be a big hurdle fir conception ……. pls do help me i need to concieve at earlies


    Hi there.
    I am about 3 months pregnant and I am feeling cramping like pains. I started this yesterday around 10:30. I got home and went to sleep thinking nothing was wrong. I woke up from my nap and went to the restroom and a blood clot came out and about 10 to 15 mind latter I felt the same pain and another blood clot came out. It is the 22 and blood is still coming out stringy and bright red. Fist pregnancy. Someone plzz give me information? Thank you

    • Oz

      Hi you should visit the doctors asap as it could be a sign of miscarriage. Someone very close to me has had the same thing and it turned out to be miscarriage. Don’t want to sound bad it’s a upsetting thing but she nearly ended up very ill as she was bleeding but the baby had died several weeks ago in her stomach hopefully it’s nothing like that and I hope all is well but please do get checked out.