Can I Stop Menopause? Is Delaying Menopause Possible?

Can I Stop Menopause?

The question on how to stop menopause is not uncommon amongst women.

Some women have asked if there is any medical therapy in delaying menopause.

If aging can somehow be modified, why not menopause onset?

The reason for the asking is often the obvious consequences of some of the symptoms of menopause which by anticipation some women are not ready to face them yet.

Others have been a little more concerned about fertility and the desire to have a baby or another

Any Medical Therapies?

Unfortunately, there is no medically accepted means for use in delaying menopause amongst women. Menopause remains inevitable as part of the aging process for women as they approach their 40s and 50s. The internet is a wilderness of information from many sources, trusted or not. It is not surprising to learn that women there maybe some website out there that uses some herbal formulations or supplements to stop the menopause transition or delay it. What you should be aware of is that there is no tested, effective and safe medical method at the moment for women to delay menopause onset for whatever reason.

Medical science is a rapidly changing field and new progress may spring up in this direction in the future. But for now, it reminds in the future.

What Do I Do Then?

If you were looking for a medical means to stop the menopause transition or delay its onset, I would recommend you consider visiting your doctor to discuss your specific concerns. Women are different and therefore have different reasons for wanting to delay menopause. As mentioned above, whether for symptoms or fertility related issues or even esthetic concerns, there might be alternative medical means of specifically addressing your concerns with known acceptable and safe medical therapies.

Also, be informed that many menopause symptoms can be controlled by available menopause treatments. Your doctor will give you rounded advice on how to proceed.

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