Tampon Stuck Inside The Vagina? Get these smart tips on stuck tampon removal

Tampon Stuck Inside The Vagina?

Tampon stuck inside the vagina is actually happens and has  multiple interesting stories surrounding the event. If this happened to you, then recognize that you are not the only one.  Just relax, read  the brief guide below to get around it.

 Where Is The Missing Tampon?

It is often perplexing to young women when they try to wrap their minds around the fact that a tampon actually gets “lost” within the vagina. The major concern is that it probably found its way up into their abdomen.

It is
not possible because the opening that links the vagina to the uterus
is so small especially when you are not pregnant that it cannot allow
the passage of the tampon.Therefore, if your tampon is not actually
“lost”, it is  still there within the vagina! vagina by another tampon or by
sexual intercourse.

Common Reasons For Tampon Stuck Inside

Forgotten tampon

This is one of the major
reasons that lead to a stuck tampon, especially during the
last days of your menses.

Was it removed?

Sometimes, the tampon was removed but the woman couldn’t remember she did remove it.

Sex with tampons

 Normally, you should not have sex with tampons but it does sometimes happens for various reasons. Sex gets the tampon compressed and pushed up the vagina.

String problems

the string gets broken or coils up into the vagina  during the activities of
the day especially exercise.The women
then gets to the washroom, ooops, there is no string and no trace of a
tampon within!

Small tampons

for some reason, a woman uses a very small tampon for her size and it
easily gets pulled up with its string.

Stuck Tampon Removal At Home

These are simple steps you could follow at home  to remedy

  1. First, relax and
    reassure yourself that if there is any stuck tampon within you, then it
    is within your vagina and no where else.
  2. Wash
    your hands with soap and water. Also, be careful not to use fingers with
    long nails to manipulate your vagina as this might lead to injury and
    vaginal infections.
  3. Take a comfortable position.
    It is easier for you to sit on the toilet seat and put your feet on the bath
    tub or  a stool infront you.
  4. Use clear warm water and bath
    your vagina with a flush. This may soak any dried tampon making it swell up and easy to access.
  5. Bear down as though wanting to have a bowel movement.
    This applies pressure on the vagina from above and may push down any
    tampons towards the entrance of the vagina.
  6. Insert your finger gently into the vagina. If you have difficulty
    finding the opening, you can use a mirror. The index finger is often
    used but you can use the middle finger if necessary. Reach as far as you
    can and try to feel your cervix. Do not mistake it for a tampon! When you are not pregnant, the cervix feels like the tip of your nose.
    Just behind the cervix is a little pouch that can be a good hiding
    place for a tampon. You may use one finger to search around the
    cervix, sweeping it around its head into the spaces around it. If you
    find the tampon, you may have to insert the second finger so that you
    use both fingers to grab the tampon and gently pull it out. You may bear
    down during the searching process to help bring any tampon closer. The tampon may have an offensive odor when you take it out.
  7. If you do not seem to find
    any thing , you can repeat the process again , searching more deeply  if

When To See The Doctor

See a doctor about a tampon stuck inside my vagina? Seriously? Yes! Many woman who experience this are usually unaware that there are many other women who experience the same thing and that doctors are not  “shocked or surprised” by it. You  do not have to be embarrassed, talk less ashamed of going to the ER or seeing your doctor for this.

If you think you have a tampon in your vagina and  you cannot remove it by following the steps above, please see a doctor or go to the ER as soon as possible.

Tampons   stuck within the vagina can lead to a very serious infection which can be fatal, called the  toxic shock symdrome. That is why you must have it removed right away.

If you  gone through this experience, why not share it with other women visiting this page to inspire or encourage them. Please use the form below.
Still not sure what to do?  Ask Doc for further guidance.

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  • Tenuki

    …..why me?

    So it happened this morning. My one hesitation is there’s a small chance I took it out. I’m going to try again after a hot bath but if I can’t find it I’m going to call the doctor.
    I am potentially embarrassed that i might go in and waste their time if I did take it out and also maybe seem a bit “off”

  • Kelly

    OMG!!! I am so happy to have found this article. I searched endlessly for the reason I started having a gnarly scent and brownish watery discharge. My urine smelled strange too. I read this article and a few others thinking…This couldn’t happen to me. I followed
    Directions and searched. I had a tampon deep inside me.

  • monics

    This really is not the kind of experience I wanted to go through as an 16 year old fuckit strongs and best of luck to eny one with a tight V to get this mother fuck out !!! I don’t care what happens over night I’m waiting for my boy friend to help me. Worstthing that has ever happened to me, I’m actually really scared and not enjoying 1 momemt .
    Crying like a little bitch but thanx for all the advice feel a bit better and hoops it works so glad I’m not the only one.

  • Lashae

    So I recently was having problems, I went to the doctor and I had a tampon behind my cervix wall, it was removed. I was given two types of antibiotics. Two days later I started my period. Now that I am off I have started discharging old blood. Is this normal? Just old blood coming out, or has something happened again??

  • Roxanna

    It was time to change my tampon, pulled on string…but no tampon. I freaked, but googled the topic that instant. I came across this forum…and I was able to pull it out with the advice. It was a struggle, but I was persistent. Im glad to know I wasn’t the only one this has happened to. Thank u!!

  • Marymass

    This happened to me this morning…. I went along to my local STD clinic for a check up after a foul smell, no discharge or itch, just an awful smell after or during sex…. I nearly died when she told me I had a retained tampon!! Thank god I went!

    • Michelle

      Ok so im freaking oit this happened to me. I looked but can ot find it. My husband is at work. I dont want to see a docter for this. Should i wait tell my hisband gets home from work or shouuld i go to the er

  • Rae Dae

    it took some serious effort and time but I finally got it! the string was gone…

  • kristine

    That’s what is happening to me. I put a tampon in during school I was at the end of my mebstral cycle. I got home that evening I went to take it out and couldn’t find the string I got scared because I had no memory of taking it out I thought maybe I did take it out just forgot. I went to the movies with my husband the next day and had sex later it hurt took my breathe away and I remembered the tampon could still be there. I started to freak out. I have pressure on my lower stomach like something feels off like really off about my body Idk what to do..

  • Jackie

    So I put a tampoon but 2hr later went to rr and then couldn’t find tampoon? I had gone to rr and had a bowel movement but don’t recall seeing tampoon? Should I go see doctor maybe tampoon feel when I had bowel movement? In the past I hada tampoon stuck for z2 weeks but I had just inserted this one and I don’t recall if it feel during my bowel movement. I’m starting to worry. Any recommendations

  • Sica

    I got a tampon stuck inside my vagina. I was terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to get it out on my own but I finally did. Scary as f

  • rebecca

    so i am 16 and live with only my dad and this happened to me, i cant talk to my dad about this stuff because it’s awkward for both of us, i also live out in the countryside, the nearest town with a doctors clinic is half an hour away meaning i wouldnt be able to go in there myself. Also if i asked my dad to make an appointment he would ask why and it would be hard to tell him. I’m freaking out and i have no idea what to do, i tried finding it the way you suggested but i couldn’t. I do know it’s there because i remember putting it in there this morning. how do i go about this er situation?

  • in peril

    i am a 17 year old, and i used a tampon for the first time today. after almost passing out from the pain of putting it in, i went to school and did not change it all day. it had been almost ten hours since i put it in, and it is stuck. ive asked for help, but my mom is still at work. i tried these steps and still cannot get it out. what do i do???

  • Amanda

    I was experience a foul odor and pain after sex so I went to the doctor. She performed a cervical exam and diagnosed me with bacterial vaginitis and put me on oral antibiotics for a week. After the week was over and the antibiotics gone, my symptoms had not changed and I went back. I had another cervical exam and was told the infection was still present and given a vaginal suppository antibiotic. I used it last night and this morning when I used the restroom I pushed out a soggy, foul tampon without warning. It must have been hidden very well to be missed during two cervical exams. All of my symptoms are gone this evening, but now my concern is that no string came out with the tampon. Any way to check for this?

  • liza

    I had a tampon stuck deep inside me it was awful. It tried and tried to remove it but it was so stuck. I finally got out out after about 45 minutes or so. I got into a warm bath and searched for it laying down which I think helped allot.

  • Cheri

    I’m 46 & I’ve been wearing menstrual cups for years, but the 1st one I ever used I assumed was stuck/lost & I totally freaked out. I started breathing heavy & crying & getting really panicky. Very different from how I normally am. Tonight my 18 yr old daughter called me reacting the same way over a “lost” tampon. I could still recall my own panic from all those years ago. I’m so thankful for sites like this & other women sharing their experiences. It goes a long way towards realizing you’re not alone & helping to calm fears.

  • Anna

    Well it’s happening to me right now. Had to call the doc for an appointment because he told me tampons were safe to use, used them safely for 3 months but then now it’s stuck behind the little piece of my hymen I have left. (It’s a septate hymen). So yeah. I’m glad I’m not the only one with something wrong with a tampon.