Tampon Stuck Inside The Vagina? Get these smart tips on stuck tampon removal

Tampon Stuck Inside The Vagina?

Tampon stuck inside the vagina is actually happens and has  multiple interesting stories surrounding the event. If this happened to you, then recognize that you are not the only one.  Just relax, read  the brief guide below to get around it.

 Where Is The Missing Tampon?

It is often perplexing to young women when they try to wrap their minds around the fact that a tampon actually gets “lost” within the vagina. The major concern is that it probably found its way up into their abdomen.

It is
not possible because the opening that links the vagina to the uterus
is so small especially when you are not pregnant that it cannot allow
the passage of the tampon.Therefore, if your tampon is not actually
“lost”, it is  still there within the vagina! vagina by another tampon or by
sexual intercourse.

Common Reasons For Tampon Stuck Inside

Forgotten tampon

This is one of the major
reasons that lead to a stuck tampon, especially during the
last days of your menses.

Was it removed?

Sometimes, the tampon was removed but the woman couldn’t remember she did remove it.

Sex with tampons

 Normally, you should not have sex with tampons but it does sometimes happens for various reasons. Sex gets the tampon compressed and pushed up the vagina.

String problems

the string gets broken or coils up into the vagina  during the activities of
the day especially exercise.The women
then gets to the washroom, ooops, there is no string and no trace of a
tampon within!

Small tampons

for some reason, a woman uses a very small tampon for her size and it
easily gets pulled up with its string.

Stuck Tampon Removal At Home

These are simple steps you could follow at home  to remedy

  1. First, relax and
    reassure yourself that if there is any stuck tampon within you, then it
    is within your vagina and no where else.
  2. Wash
    your hands with soap and water. Also, be careful not to use fingers with
    long nails to manipulate your vagina as this might lead to injury and
    vaginal infections.
  3. Take a comfortable position.
    It is easier for you to sit on the toilet seat and put your feet on the bath
    tub or  a stool infront you.
  4. Use clear warm water and bath
    your vagina with a flush. This may soak any dried tampon making it swell up and easy to access.
  5. Bear down as though wanting to have a bowel movement.
    This applies pressure on the vagina from above and may push down any
    tampons towards the entrance of the vagina.
  6. Insert your finger gently into the vagina. If you have difficulty
    finding the opening, you can use a mirror. The index finger is often
    used but you can use the middle finger if necessary. Reach as far as you
    can and try to feel your cervix. Do not mistake it for a tampon! When you are not pregnant, the cervix feels like the tip of your nose.
    Just behind the cervix is a little pouch that can be a good hiding
    place for a tampon. You may use one finger to search around the
    cervix, sweeping it around its head into the spaces around it. If you
    find the tampon, you may have to insert the second finger so that you
    use both fingers to grab the tampon and gently pull it out. You may bear
    down during the searching process to help bring any tampon closer. The tampon may have an offensive odor when you take it out.
  7. If you do not seem to find
    any thing , you can repeat the process again , searching more deeply  if

When To See The Doctor

See a doctor about a tampon stuck inside my vagina? Seriously? Yes! Many woman who experience this are usually unaware that there are many other women who experience the same thing and that doctors are not  “shocked or surprised” by it. You  do not have to be embarrassed, talk less ashamed of going to the ER or seeing your doctor for this.

If you think you have a tampon in your vagina and  you cannot remove it by following the steps above, please see a doctor or go to the ER as soon as possible.

Tampons   stuck within the vagina can lead to a very serious infection which can be fatal, called the  toxic shock symdrome. That is why you must have it removed right away.

If you  gone through this experience, why not share it with other women visiting this page to inspire or encourage them. Please use the form below.
Still not sure what to do?  Ask Doc for further guidance.

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  • Tenuki

    …..why me?

    So it happened this morning. My one hesitation is there’s a small chance I took it out. I’m going to try again after a hot bath but if I can’t find it I’m going to call the doctor.
    I am potentially embarrassed that i might go in and waste their time if I did take it out and also maybe seem a bit “off”

  • Kelly

    OMG!!! I am so happy to have found this article. I searched endlessly for the reason I started having a gnarly scent and brownish watery discharge. My urine smelled strange too. I read this article and a few others thinking…This couldn’t happen to me. I followed
    Directions and searched. I had a tampon deep inside me.

  • monics

    This really is not the kind of experience I wanted to go through as an 16 year old fuckit strongs and best of luck to eny one with a tight V to get this mother fuck out !!! I don’t care what happens over night I’m waiting for my boy friend to help me. Worstthing that has ever happened to me, I’m actually really scared and not enjoying 1 momemt .
    Crying like a little bitch but thanx for all the advice feel a bit better and hoops it works so glad I’m not the only one.

  • Lashae

    So I recently was having problems, I went to the doctor and I had a tampon behind my cervix wall, it was removed. I was given two types of antibiotics. Two days later I started my period. Now that I am off I have started discharging old blood. Is this normal? Just old blood coming out, or has something happened again??

  • Roxanna

    It was time to change my tampon, pulled on string…but no tampon. I freaked, but googled the topic that instant. I came across this forum…and I was able to pull it out with the advice. It was a struggle, but I was persistent. Im glad to know I wasn’t the only one this has happened to. Thank u!!

  • Marymass

    This happened to me this morning…. I went along to my local STD clinic for a check up after a foul smell, no discharge or itch, just an awful smell after or during sex…. I nearly died when she told me I had a retained tampon!! Thank god I went!

    • Michelle

      Ok so im freaking oit this happened to me. I looked but can ot find it. My husband is at work. I dont want to see a docter for this. Should i wait tell my hisband gets home from work or shouuld i go to the er

  • Rae Dae

    it took some serious effort and time but I finally got it! the string was gone…

  • kristine

    That’s what is happening to me. I put a tampon in during school I was at the end of my mebstral cycle. I got home that evening I went to take it out and couldn’t find the string I got scared because I had no memory of taking it out I thought maybe I did take it out just forgot. I went to the movies with my husband the next day and had sex later it hurt took my breathe away and I remembered the tampon could still be there. I started to freak out. I have pressure on my lower stomach like something feels off like really off about my body Idk what to do..

  • Jackie

    So I put a tampoon but 2hr later went to rr and then couldn’t find tampoon? I had gone to rr and had a bowel movement but don’t recall seeing tampoon? Should I go see doctor maybe tampoon feel when I had bowel movement? In the past I hada tampoon stuck for z2 weeks but I had just inserted this one and I don’t recall if it feel during my bowel movement. I’m starting to worry. Any recommendations

  • Sica

    I got a tampon stuck inside my vagina. I was terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to get it out on my own but I finally did. Scary as f

  • rebecca

    so i am 16 and live with only my dad and this happened to me, i cant talk to my dad about this stuff because it’s awkward for both of us, i also live out in the countryside, the nearest town with a doctors clinic is half an hour away meaning i wouldnt be able to go in there myself. Also if i asked my dad to make an appointment he would ask why and it would be hard to tell him. I’m freaking out and i have no idea what to do, i tried finding it the way you suggested but i couldn’t. I do know it’s there because i remember putting it in there this morning. how do i go about this er situation?

  • in peril

    i am a 17 year old, and i used a tampon for the first time today. after almost passing out from the pain of putting it in, i went to school and did not change it all day. it had been almost ten hours since i put it in, and it is stuck. ive asked for help, but my mom is still at work. i tried these steps and still cannot get it out. what do i do???

  • Amanda

    I was experience a foul odor and pain after sex so I went to the doctor. She performed a cervical exam and diagnosed me with bacterial vaginitis and put me on oral antibiotics for a week. After the week was over and the antibiotics gone, my symptoms had not changed and I went back. I had another cervical exam and was told the infection was still present and given a vaginal suppository antibiotic. I used it last night and this morning when I used the restroom I pushed out a soggy, foul tampon without warning. It must have been hidden very well to be missed during two cervical exams. All of my symptoms are gone this evening, but now my concern is that no string came out with the tampon. Any way to check for this?

  • liza

    I had a tampon stuck deep inside me it was awful. It tried and tried to remove it but it was so stuck. I finally got out out after about 45 minutes or so. I got into a warm bath and searched for it laying down which I think helped allot.

  • Cheri

    I’m 46 & I’ve been wearing menstrual cups for years, but the 1st one I ever used I assumed was stuck/lost & I totally freaked out. I started breathing heavy & crying & getting really panicky. Very different from how I normally am. Tonight my 18 yr old daughter called me reacting the same way over a “lost” tampon. I could still recall my own panic from all those years ago. I’m so thankful for sites like this & other women sharing their experiences. It goes a long way towards realizing you’re not alone & helping to calm fears.

  • Anna

    Well it’s happening to me right now. Had to call the doc for an appointment because he told me tampons were safe to use, used them safely for 3 months but then now it’s stuck behind the little piece of my hymen I have left. (It’s a septate hymen). So yeah. I’m glad I’m not the only one with something wrong with a tampon.

  • anonomis

    I’m “tight” down there and is afraid if I put the tampon in all the way that it will not come out or the string will break, how could I make sure that won’t happen

  • maddie

    How much does it cost to remove a stuck tampon

  • Victoria Doll

    My daughter thought it was OK to have sex with a tampon in. Apparently she had done it before and didn’t have an issue. Well she lost the string and could not find it. I called the ER because I was concerned about TSS. He said that usually takes a few days. He suggested a bath maybe to relax her. I was going to bring her into urgent care but I found this acticle. I told her to sit on the toilet and pretend like she was going just like the article said and it came right out. Thank you for posting this. I never knew how common this was. I have three daughters, I guess it was bound to happen.

  • Sophie

    I’m 12 I tried using tampons because I hated the way pads feel and I have a very heavy long lasting period I inserted it it took me forever to get it in I couldn’t find where it was a bit uncomfortable but I was able to ignore it as time went on probably about 15 minutes later I felt my inner vagina stretch a bit and I was in pain I rushed to the bathroom to try and take it out I couldn’t stand it I pulled and pulled I couldn’t even fit two fingers inside to try and grab the absorbent part itself I was there for almost 20 minutes of pushing pulling and tears trying to pull it out the string almost broke when I finally got it out my inside felt really stretched and I felt an ache I tried using them again a few times but it always ended the same way can anybody help?

    • Mary

      You’re just too young to be using tampons. I know pads are uncomfortable, but they are probably the better option for you. Your body is probably just too small to use a tampon. Maybe try getting a thinner pad and changing it more regularly to avoid the diaper feel that pads give, and make sure you are putting your pad in the right position. I line the top of my pad up with the top seam of the crotch area of my panties. Try the foam-like pads instead of the thick cotton ones.

  • Sophie

    How do you know when a tampon has broke your hymen I know I’d still be a virgin but I just want to know

  • Jamie

    I searched for a missing tampon, not sure if there was or not. I had just had sex and it felt REALLY WEIRD, but not painful. I was pretty sure I took it out a while earlier because I was using a pad like I do at night, he even asked to make sure. I’m still having a period, but I found something semisoft and semi tubular, but I think it might just be my cervix?? I never looked for my cervix before so Idk what it feels like…

  • Anon

    Just keep trying and keep trying. I had sex with my boyfriend and I knew I had a tampon in, but it was in the moment and I wasn’t sure what was going on. But right when I got home I tried for about an hour and a half and finally got it out!! If you move your finger in circular motions around the tampon and sit in the bathtub with hot water it becomes easier. Thank you so much for this article

  • nobody

    My boyfriend is convinced I did this intentionally. .he doesn’t understand that no woman would ever intentionally so something like this,I don’t think any would anyways

  • Bev

    Should I see the doctor to have it removed even if I am still on my period?

    • Amand Lynn

      Yes! It doesn’t mater if you are on your period or not. If you leave it in there and can’t get it out yourself, you could get a bad infection. It would not be good to leave it there, period or not.

  • Elisa

    Yes I’ve had a stuck tampon three times! (You’d think I’d learn!). The first time I had to go to the doctor. I was embarrassed, but she reassured me it happens all of the time. (I actually went to Planned Parenthood. Great option if you don’t have insurance.)
    The second time a friend told me to get in the bath and bear down as hard as possible while reaching inside. This worked. Got a hold of it and got it right out.
    The third time is, well, right now. –
    And damnit if that sucker doesn’t feel like it’s dead sideways up in there! How’d this happen? Messing around with my boyfriend when we shouldn’t be, of course.
    I couldn’t reach it so I’m seriously contemplating making him go up there and remove it. After all, it’s his big ol penis that stuck it in the first place!

  • Kate

    I recently went swimming in a river for a day and was constantly playing in the water, I had one of those active slinder fit tampons in and i cut a tiny bit of the string to make it shorter so it wouldn’t stick out of my swim suite, after I was done swimming and went home I reached down to pull the tampon out but the string wAsnt there! Horrified I then checked inside for it and I couldn’t feel anything I tried a couple times and still nothing! I’m wondering if it just came out when I was swimming or if it is stick up in me

    • Faustina Kane

      what happened ??

  • Laya

    Mine was kinda diff the string was hanging out and everything but when I tried to pull it out it hurt. Bad. So I did exactly what this said to do and it came out. I cried.. A lot.

  • anon

    im 13. So yesterday, the first day of my period, (second tampon of the day), i pulled my tampon out and it looked like a little bit of the top broke off inside me. This happened to me before with the same brand of tampons a month before on a later day of my period. I felt fine after that and i feel fine now but should i still get it checked out?

    • Amanda Lynn

      I would let your mom or guardian know and maybe they could figure out the best thing to do, whether it be go get checkd out or not. I know its kind of an awkward thing to tell someone but its better to be safe than sorry.

  • Amanda Lynn

    Im 15 and I forgot if I took my tampon out or not. I was scared to tell my mom the next day but I finally did and she took me to the ER. They checked and thankfully there wasnt anything in there. It was quite uncomfortable because the only person who has seen me, was well, me..and of course my parents when I was younger. But its really important to get checked, even if you think its not there but are having some doubts, go and get checked. If not you could get an infection or TSS.

  • Deeply embarrassed

    I’m almost to embarrassed to even send this email out, but if I expect any help I’ve gotta take a chance somewhere, then again ‘chance’ us what got me into this mess in the first place. My Husband and I were using sexual toys during our live making, and it was the first time I tried this with him. The object he chose to use had some sort of a ballish tip on the end, (around the size of a golf ball, but a bit smaller), unfortunately it somehow broke off while we we’re using it and I can’t seem to get it out of me an am very scared. Now I read your article on “Lost or Stuck Tampoon” and figured it was very similar to the situation that I currently find myself in. Could you please give me some helpful advice as to how I could possibly retrieve the object privately?
    Thank you in advance for your courtesy and consideration.
    Should you have any questions, please contact me at: (909) 682-2547.

    Yours truly,
    Desperately Embarrassed

  • Anna

    I did not even consider that there could be a tampon stuck in my vagina that I don’t know about until my friend told me it happened to their cousin. I’m only 15 and tampons usually scare me so I make sure I remove them. I don’t have any of the symptoms except vaginal itching but that’s only once in a while. My vagina doesn’t have a foul smell but it does have a smell I don’t know if that would be an indicator. Please help me I’m very scared and I’m having terrible anxiety about this!!

  • Emi

    I’m so freaking out I’m sure I put a tampon in and I went too the bathroom too go change it but there was no string so I tried a few of these tips and still can’t seem too find it. I told my boyfriend but he doesn’t seem too be concerned about it what do I do?

  • Rebecca

    So I have been using new tampons because after having my son, most hurt.. here I am, put one in and I went to a friends house.. we played corn hole, board games, etc..
    Got home, I was going to change my tampon. . And I couldn’t find the string. Turns out my tampon turned sideways inside me… I was finally able to get it out, talk about embarrassing! !!!

  • melissa

    So I don’t have any odors or anything like that, but I think I might have part of a tampon inside me. It would’ve been there for almost a week now. I only use tampons when swimming or doing an activity like yoga or dance which requires me to wear tight clothes and I remove them as soon as I’m done with that activity. I guess maybe I could’ve fallen asleep when I got home and forgotten to take it out last time. Anyway two days ago it felt kind of strange like I had to keep using the bathroom and yesterday it felt like something was coming out of me so I felt around and the string was coming out so I pulled it and only part of the tampon came out with it and it was losing it’s shape, disintegrating. It looked to be about one third or a little less of the original length. I stuck my finger up in there but couldn’t feel anything. I’ll probably try that again. I can’t afford to go to the doctor right now and there’s no way I’m telling my mom. Since the one part just came out will the rest just come out too if it’s in there?

  • Haley Alderman

    So, today my boyfriend and I had sex and I had forgotten that I had a tampon in, well, he pushed it way up in my vagina. After we were done I felt weird and realized I had a tampon in. I was freaking out trying so hard to get it out. Finally I sat on the toilet and propped my feet up on a tall laundry basket and felt the tampon. I couldn’t get it with my index finger so I used my thumb and slide it forward it was very hard to get it out but I got it. I used my thumb only to get it out. I was releaved and glad I got it. If this doesn’t help you then go see a doctor. Don’t be embarrassed. I thought I was the only person this happened to until I saw on here that I wasn’t. It happens quit often and it’s nothing to be embarrassed by, I know that now. I hope this helps anyone else it happens to. If it does you’re welcome.

  • Meredith

    Is it possible for a tampon to be stuck for a VERY long time….. My boyfriend and I have had several genital issues but doctors never could figure what was wrong we’ve tested negative for everything over the past year and a tampon just randomly fell out this morning and I haven’t been on my cycle in 3 weeks…. My boyfriend and I have REGULAR sex even on my cycle and the past 2 weeks the pain was too bad so we took a break and I’ve had all the TSS symptoms for almost a year and it just fell out this morning…. Should I consult a doctor? Or now that it’s out and I’ve washed really well am I okay?

  • Upset in SC

    Im going thru this as we speak and seriously I am hurting…honestly I think there is 2 Supers in there…my tummy is swollen as if im 5 or 6 months pregnant and painful to be pushed….I’ve tried ev4erything from frog-like squatting over a mirror to propping my feet on the wall like im having a baby or same thing in the tub and I can feel it but i can’t get a grip on it…what should I do?

    • lexxus

      Did lookin for the lost tampon cause the inside of your vagina to swell. I mite have one stuck but cant say forsure if I took it out or not. But I been diggin around tryin to find it an the pain is 10x worse. Inside is swollen. Lower back and right hip is so bad I can barely walk. It only got like this after franticlly searching for it. Gunna go to e.r. Soon I guess

  • Elena

    Firstly, let me say, thanks for this great site, it seems to have helped so many people and it helped me as well to see how common this issue was. My story was a bit different, the string and everything was there but I was having trouble pulling it out. I noticed that when it was about halfway out it was stuck and I was basically pulling a bit at my skin. I thought this was super weird and tried to pull gently to test but it jut wouldn’t come out smoothly. So I thought maybe it was just dry so I wet the outside portion with water till it got softer. It didn’t seem to work and I was already worrying, I didn’t want to pull hard and tear some skin as it really seemed to be stuck. I couldn’t understand what was making it stuck, until I saw a bit of the blue string, seemingly wrapped tightly around the edge of the part which was outside. I I concluded the string was to blame, keeping my skin stuck, so I found a scissors and very carefully cut the little piece of string tightly wrapped on the edge. After that it slide out very easily and smooth. Strange thing is though, I looked at the string after it was out and no part of it seemed cut at all… which is very weird, considering I know I cut it. So ill just assume it was an extra piece of string that somehow got tangled up. Happily, the process was not painful at all,probably because I stopped and didn’t pull too hard when I saw some resistance. So if you see something like this, don’t panic, analyse the situation carefully and don’t cut anything unless you are sure it’s not your own skin. Worst comes to worst, forget embarrassment and ask someone for help or go to the doctor. They’ve seen all kind of strange accidents.

  • Sarah

    The smell will go away. This happened to me before. Once I had the tampon out and all the old blood is gone, the smell goes away almost immediately.

  • Lexxus

    Ok so in like the 4th day of my period. I woke up late and was rushing to get ready. Between switchin between pads and tampons. I am 75% sure that I got one stuck up inside me. Me and my boyfriend have both tried feeling for it and cant find nothing.plus all the digging around made inside swollen. Between my back and lower right hip ,the pain is horrible and seens to be gettin worse. I really just want to know if it could be something else more serious than a lost tampon. Also this is my 6th day and im still bleeding. Im usually done after 5. And this pain is so intense, it hurts to walk. And this after 4 asprin and 2 midol pills. Advice please. And could it be something else other than lost tampon?

  • Noonoo

    🙁 I haven’t got a bath or a basin, defo not taking a trip down to the local swimming pool to try. I don’t have adequate curtains to sit in the kitchen sink plus that’s gross. Will see if my partner can help after his night shift.

  • Grace

    I am 20 years of age and don’t usually have periods due to have the depo injection but whilst getting ready for a night out (yesturday) I noticed something so decided to insert a tampon just incase but I had never used one before so wasn’t to sure what I was doing I remember changing a tampon at the start of the night but unfortunately I had a little to much to drink last night and can’t remember if I had taken it out or if it was still up there but I couldn’t feel anything and ended up sleeping with my parter I’m now scared that I may of pushed it up more if it is still in there I have tried feeling round but can’t seem to find anything can anyone duvet what I could do please

  • Anna

    What to do when you think you have lost the top plastic part oF tampon wrapper inside the vagina. I couldn’t see it in the ground with the bottom part so worried about where it maybe

  • Alyssa

    I’ve never heard of this happening until it happened to me today. I had put a tampon in yesterday around mid-day and had some drinks with my boyfriend and ended up drinking so much that I forgot to take my tampon out before sex. I woke up this morning to go to the bathroom and I was so confused when I reached to take out my tampon and nothing was there and I realized I couldn’t remember whether or not I took it out before sex. I asked my boyfriend if he remembers me taking it out last night and he couldn’t say either. So everytime I went to the bathroom today I would reach up my vagina to see if I could feel anything but I couldn’t. So when I took a shower tonight, I decided to give it one last shot. I squatted down and kept pushing down really hard as if I were giving birth then I used my index finger to reach up my vagina and sure enough I felt something up there so I kept pushing down and moving it around with my finger and finally it came out! It was completely sideways up there! I’m still in disbelief that this happened but I’m so happy I got it out and didn’t have to deal with any symptoms. I’ve learned my lesson! Be careful ladies!

  • sindy narvaez

    I recently used this information to help, and it did. Two days ago i took out a lost tampon. But it came out with no string. I don’t know if it was supposed to have one. I just started my period today and i REALLY dont want to reach in there again

  • Emilee

    Okay so I thought I lost one about 2 months ago and there’s no odor and I’m not dead. Is it possible I took it out? I was so tired I don’t remember

  • Vivian

    I was on a long vacation to hawaii and hadnt had sex for a while, and upon arriving I got my period. Dang. So while wearing a tampon my boyfriend was teasing me, but didnt put it in all the way. When i went to retrieve the string, it had vanished. I looked around and couldnt find it anywhere! Eventually, after calming down a bit and using two fingers, I found it and was able to safely remove it. Moral of the story: ladies, we know how to get blood stains out of anything. So if u wanna have sex, just do it. Don’t use tampons.

  • Bri

    So I went to a football game on Friday night. I put a tampon in before I left planning on changing it when I got home. I ended up falling asleep on my way home and I remember taking one out right when I got home but I’m not sure if I put another one in. Saturday morning I woke up and went to go change it right away but I didn’t find one. I’ve been searching for one for the past two days and I can’t find one but my fingers are too short to reach my cervix. There may not even be a tampon in there but I’m still worried. Should I see the doctor?

  • Dani

    i am 14 and i honestly dont remember if i put a new tampon in or not. i am on the phone with my friend and she is trying to help. i tried to see if i put one in but im still not finding it, i put another in and i am feeling discomfort and stuff. i have no idea what to do

  • Karen

    I’ve had this happen to me 3 times in the last year! I need to just start using pads only. One time, I noticed a foul odor but didn’t think about a lost tampon. I was bearing down hard for a #2 and it slipped out and surprised the heck out of me. The 2nd time I went to the gyn because I thought the odor was due to having a new partner which can cause a bacterial infection. She found a tampon. The last time, there was a foul odor and I just knew I had a lost tampon. I didn’t want to bother my doctor again and was determined to get it out. Once I made up my mind to do it myself, it was easy. I sat on the toilet to bear down hard, then moved to the couch to be more comfortable. I got it out in less than a minute. I used one finger and went along the side until i felt it and was able to scoop it out. So glad to have that nasty thing out of me!

  • Anonymous 🙋

    I think there is a piece stuck in there… What can I do?😁😁

  • Lady

    I got home from work and I thought that I had replaced it before I went to sleep. I got up and used the restroom and went to take it out and it wasn’t there and no blood was on my linner. I tried to find it but no luck???

  • Aerika

    So i went to take my tampon out after whats been a seemingly normal day then went to the bathroom before bed to notice my underwear were giving me a bad wedgie bc they were stuck to me. They were covered in just enough blood for this to happen so i thougut i just bled through my tampon. I went to remove it and couldnt find it, i panicked. I went online and found this and followed the steps and still nothing. I cant find it and im really worried. Is it more likely that i forgot to put one in earlier or would it still be up there?

  • cathy

    Help!! I am a 52 year old women who has been using tampons for over 30 years. I have had tampons sick inside of me twice. I was not able to get either out by myself. I had to go to the doctor once and to the er the 2nd time. I now believe I have a tampon struck inside a 3rd time. It has been about 4-5 weeks since my last period. About 4 weeks ago I noticed a foul fishy smell. I thought it was a bacteria infection since I have been getting them since I was 12 because of ph balance issues I used metro gel for 7 days and the order went away. But now the order comes and goes but no strong smell, no discharge, no fever, no dizziness, but the abdominal pain is so bad. I think I have all another tampon stuck inside. I have tried everything to get it out. Shall I go to the er or the doctor now? Thanks

  • Gues

    I went on a crazy water slide last week and when I got to the bottom after being blasted by water I thought I better check that my tampon was still there. When I went t the washroom I couldn’t find it and was mortified that it may have come out on the slide. I later decided that maybe I hadn’t remembered to put one in. My family was staying at a hotel and it was hard to get alone time In the bathroom that morning. So I went on with my day. A few days later I started to smell bad. Really bad, but thought it was something really weird with the end of my period. Now 7 days later I decided that I bet I lost a tampon because of that water slide. Sure enough I found it. It was really foul. I am now worried about whether there were strings still attached, i flushed it so fast I didn’t think to look but didn’t notice any :(. I am also wondering whether I should see if I need antibiotics. So crazy!!! I’m 42 and this is a first!!!

  • Emma

    I had my period a week ago and today I wipe and it looked like cotton from a tampon it was black and when I went in it was cotton ish and looked like mucus? It isn’t discharge though and there’s an odor.

  • Jade

    I really need help,im 14 and I started my period and borrowed my cousins tampon. ( it wasn’t my first time getting my period or using a tampon) When I wanted to remove it I couldn’t find it. I can’t remember if I inserted it in the first place or what happenned. Then I think it happens the second time but with my tampon it was a medium to large size. I am panicking and do not have a mother to talk about this to. I’m really worried and do not want to see a doctor. I live with my dad he has a girlfriend but I’m to embarrassed and scared to talk to anyone. I’ve tried looking and when I couldn’t find it I got really scared I still am scared it’s been about 3 days please someone help me

  • cindy

    I am 43 yrs old and this was a first for me. But heat of the moment happens. Not embarrassed at all. 1st….. some of you girls I’m seeing are too young for sex! However, too late now. 🙂 But not too late to stop! 🙂
    2nd…. really good advice here.
    I was free in a minute. Prop up your legs, RELAX, find with one finger while pushing like having a bowl movement, then put in another finger and a little pull is all. No big deal. Just remember to relax while pushing the entire time. It was hidden just like I read about. Don’t freak out. But, if you can’t find it, for sure see your doctor.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • Becky

    Thank you for the detailed instructions. I didn’t think I would ever forget I had a tampon in and insert another one. The directions were perfect and it was the cause of my problem. When I didn’t think I would be able to do it, I pictured having to go to a doctor and that was motivation enough.

  • Shae

    After a night at the casino and one to many drinks my boyfriend and I had sex both forgetting I had put a tampon in before leaving. Found it in the morning lodged sideways behind my pelvic bone. I have a tight V and I started to freak out because I couldn’t grab it with my fingers. So I sat in the bath and let the water seep in. The water enlarged it and allowed me to pull it out. I feel so much better!

  • Liz

    So this happened to me a few months ago and had a panic attack thinking I was going to die. My boyfriend helped my get it but it didn’t work. I went to the bathroom and 10 minutes later I got it out. I swore it would never happen to me again. Well today I put a tampon in and I completely forgot I had it in. We had sex and after the fact I remembered it was in there! Ugh, I can feel it but when I get home I’m getting the tweezers!

  • Caitlin

    Thanks for the tips

  • Thankful

    I just tried it and it worked. The tampon was dry so I flushed the vagina with a douche. I waited a little while which gave the tampon a chance to become moist and followed the steps. The Lord really helped me and I am so glad

  • Nancy Ly

    Hi, I just got my period today, went to the bathroom and I can’t seem to remember I pull out my tampon or not. When I got home and I search for this site regarding tampon stuck and I try some of the idea here and trying to pull it out.Its seem like I Can’t find the tampon any where..I try and try and all I can feel is my flesh. Please help!

  • bonnu

    omg,, i could have written this entry WORD FOR WORD. Im also freaking out! Also feel some pressure and light pain. My problem is I CANT REMEMBER IF I PUT ONE IN!! Im also at my cycle’s end and I remember after I got into bed I got up and I THINK it was to go put a tampon in just incase.. BUT I CANT FRIGGIN REMEMBER!! AAAARRGGHH!!!!???

  • Alex

    I am experiencing a stuck tampon and it it poking out but I cannot remove it! I’ve tugged and tugged but it won’t come out! Help!

  • Anna

    So…. I just started my period and I found in my blood which looks to be a tampon string and I’m 100 percent sure it is. I’ve tried everything to find it and can’t! last time I had my period I deffanitly don’t remember leaving a tampon in, and I don’t even think I used one…. I’m worried because of the string but not because I can’t find anything. I really would rather not go to a doctor

  • Worried

    I feel it but can’t get it out 🙁 it’s to moist down there and my fingers can’t get a grip on it. Any other suggestions besides going to see a doctor.

  • Michele

    I’ve done a little bit of research as I am in this sort of boat. I’m 16 and I got my period yesterday. Today it is really heavy so I had a tampon in and took it out after 4 hours. Once I took the tampon out I noticed the top of it was missing and still inside of me. I attempted to fish it out but no luck. I will most likely be heading to the health clinic to see what options I have next.