Very Early Pregnancy Signs: Even before your missed periods!

Very Early Pregnancy Signs

Very early pregnancy signs is used by many women to refer to the earliest symptoms suggestive of conception, often before they miss their periods or just after their expected date. Note: be sure to regulate your bedroom environment carefully at this point. As Clean Air Mom says, be sure to keep your bedroom clean and free of contaminants. This is very important for both your health and the health of your potential newborn.

  The two most significant associated questions

1. Are there
symptoms to expect, even before  missing 
your period?

2. After
missing my periods, what  signs of early
pregnancy should make me more concerned this could be a pregnancy?

Timeline For Very 
Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The definition of “very early” remains vague and is not used
in the medical literature. As noted above, the period between conception and
the missed period is of particular interest to women.

Therefore we use an
arbitrary timeline to  better understand
these  early pregnancy symptoms as

  • Symptoms occurring between conception and the
    missed period. In a traditional 28-day cycle, that will be about Day 14 to Day
  • Symptoms occurring after the expected date of

The missed period is the cardinal symptom of pregnancy and
is often very obvious!

We will  therefore use
 “Very Early Signs of Pregnancy”  to refer to these very early symptoms that
occur before the missed period or within days following the missed period
prompting a  home pregnancy test.

Early Pregnancy symptoms Before the Missed Period

 It is worth noting here that this has not been extensively
studied medically. An earlier study found that women began reporting symptoms
as early as Day 27 of their cycle and that 50% of pregnancy women had symptoms
by Day 36.

Some of these  “very
early  pregnancy signs ” include

Changes in vaginal discharge

Changes in the secretions of the vaginal wall and  cervix  very early following conception, due to
pregnancy hormones. There is  an increase
in the amount of vaginal discharge, which is white, milky and  without an odor or itch.

Implantation bleeding and cramps

About 10 to 14 days following fertilization, about 30%
of  pregnant women experience mild
bleeding( spotting) with or without mild cramps, called implantation bleeding. Because
this bleeding often occurs around the time of the expected menses, it can
easily be mistaken for a very short or mild period.

Breast changes

Within one or two weeks of becoming pregnant, a woman may notice
changes in her breasts. These include darkening of the skin around the nipples
( the areola), sensation of soreness or fullness in both breasts.

What about Nausea?

Nausea is an early symptom of pregnancy BUT not a “very
early symptom”. Nausea typically starts during week 6, that is about Day 42.
Before the expected date of periods, that is before Day 28,nausea is not
expected to be a symptom of pregnancy.

The Downside to these early signs

As noted above, these “very early  pregnancy signs” have
not been extensively studied. There are pitfalls you should be aware of.

These symptoms are unreliable

 Even as doctors, we
cannot use the symptoms reported by a woman and the signs we find on the
clinical exam to confirm or exclude the possibility of pregnancy. These signs
cannot be used as a stand-alone confirmation of pregnancy. Their true value is
to raise your awareness that you might be pregnant and to take further steps to
ascertain this.

False positive symptoms

The study above also found out that about  9% of women who were not pregnant
reported  early pregnancy symptoms. This
is especially true for women who are trying to conceive. Part of the reason is
because these symptoms are nonspecific and could be due to other conditions.

The pregnancy test therefore remains the gold standing for
diagnosing early pregnancy. If you think you might be pregnant, get a home
pregnancy test done, but not “very early!”.

Should I Care?

Many women seek to know about these very early pregnancy signs either because of  anticipation of an desired pregnancy or anxiety over an undesired one. However, this might make the difference between having  a normal or an abnormal baby, or even   a matter of   life or death of your unborn baby. Read more about  the   “A must read for Early Diagnosis of Pregnancy

Do you have an interesting experience about these early pregnancy signs? Please use the form below to share it to help other women.

Still not sure what to make of all these? Contact Doc  with the question.


Sayle AE, Wilcox AJ, Weinberg CR, Baird DD. A prospective study of the
onset of symptoms of pregnancy. J Clin Epidemiol 2002; 55:676.

Bastian LA et al, Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of early
pregnancy. In: UpToDate, Basow, DS (Ed), UpToDate,Waltham, MA, 2013.

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  • Neemo

    Hey I had my last periods on 20th jan and had sex on 4th… And now having fatigue and back pains indigestion but not vomiting… Was that my fertile days ??

  • yesyes

    my period due 17/1/15 but 1 day late, then only brown spotting for 4 days, after that i have mild cramps, feeling like period but not, and i did a few times home pregnancy test but im not pregnant, now i 3 days late, my next period actually on 17/2/15. I still feel that cramps and i have white and watery discharge, my temperature higher then before but still no period. Im so afraid to go for check up. Am i pregnant.?

  • live

    I been have back cramps painful ones and nausea 14 days before my period can I be pregnant?

  • Kay

    My periods are irregular so the last one I had was over a year ago! The day before yesterday I had like a reddish brown spotting in my underwear same thing today but no period and very mild cramps. I’ve also been feeling like I’m having hot flashes or my temperature is rising? Could I be pregnant?

  • Nandhini

    I had my past periods on Feb 10.. Now waiting for my due date(march 3).. Have white discharge.. And uterus pain.. Is it a symptoms for pregnancy?? Shall I have long travel now?? Please guide me..!!

    • Athira Deepak

      I had my last periods on june 3 and i ovulated on 15 16 and 17th. In these 3 days i had its been 4 to 5 days am feeling abdominal cramps bloating slight diarrhoea and my breast is increasing in size.i have milkish discharge too. My due date is 1and i never had cramps this early.only 2 or 1 day before cramps. my belly seems like bulged out.i retch some times during brushing and eating..i feel am geting emotional.are these an early sign?i feel my smell power increased.all bad smells gets inside my nose easily.

  • Sana

    Hi there, i had my period on 14/02 and i slept with my husbnd on 06/03 and now my period is two days late i done a pregnancy test it was negative and i have very white discharge also i have period pain my brests are very tense i saw my gp she done a urine test but it didn’t show that i am pregnant, so could i be pregnant?

  • Rebekka Harrison

    Hi there my period was late a week last month and I had a period from hell . It usually lays on the 2nd ,3rd of the month but this time it came on the 11th . And now two weeks later. And last time I had sex was 3 days ago (unprotected ) and unprotected two days before that and a few other times in the past . Have been good with using condoms sometimes . now I have been really careful but I have been just playing it safe . Which can be Risky . Anyways I have been having gelly/milky discharge the past 3 days as well as headaches , and back pain . Is it too early to get a pregnancy test ?

  • liz

    I had my period on April 09 and on April 29 my cycle came on again. This time it’s very light and and I have some mild cramping. Could I be pregnant?

  • Heather

    My last period was June 3rd I had sex the 7&9th ovulated 10-15th and had sex 14&15th. Since Sunday the 21st I have been super tired, breasts have been killing me, cramps throughout my lower stomach and pubic area, discharge ranging from watery to slightly watery with a small amount of school glue. I have also been down in the dumps and my sex drive has increased, which is rare because around this time I have no sex drive and I am dry. My period is supposed to be here the 27th. Could this be an early sign?

    • Athira Deepak

      Same here.i too had my last periods on june 3 and i ovulated on 15 16 and 17th. In these 3 days i had its been 4 to 4 days am feeling abdominal cramps bloating slight diarrhoea and my breast is increasing in size.i have milkish discharge too. My due date is 1and i never had cramps this early.only 2 or 1 day before it belly seems like bulged out.i retch some times during brushing and eating..i feel am geting emotional.are these an early sign?

  • Cassie

    I haven’t been keeping track of my cycle like i should be. I guess it’s because I’ve haven’t really anticipated on having sex. All I remember was that last month, I was still on my period on the 8th because I had to go to the Dr. for a physical. I had to have been on it for a few days by then because it was getting somewhat lighter. I had unprotected sex on the 2nd and 3rd of July and I didn’t think anything of it because I was expecting my period any day. It’s already the 8th and I still haven’t seen a period yet. I just a have a little cramping but that’s it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • Denise

    Hi, I am 4 days late, I have a milky white discharge with no itch or odor, and some cramping.. Could I be pregnant?

  • Mayuri

    hi… i am trying for baby from last 1.5years.I got my period on 1st July n i am ovulate on 15 or 16th july.l had some pain in my breast on 22July ,i had cold n nausea on 24 th July,cramping on left lower abdomen on 25th n white discharge on 26th, pls tell m i pregnant????

  • Lorena Jayat

    Hello… I had sex on july 25th still nt my period but my back aches n i have some white and thick mucus discharge. Could i be pregnant? Tia.

  • maddie

    last period I have recorded was on 29th may
    didn’t record the next one but off memory it was on the 28th of june
    & have had no period in july should have come around 28th 29th
    had sex on the 2nd of july still on the 14th of july no signs of period but boobs are a lot bigger and tingly nausea all week getting worse discomfort in the stomach area
    is there a good chance I could be pregnant ? my period is never this late plushome test have come back negative but guessing it could still be to early to pick it up?

  • april

    Hello, I had sex July 19 and august 3 then my expected date of my period is this august 7 and it didn’t come . Now , I am almost two weeks delayed . My breast sore in three days , backpain yesterday , itchy nipples today . I tried home pregnancy test last 17 and it tells negative . So, when I shall try pregnancy test again ? I am still worried . Do you think I am pregnant because of some symptoms happening to me?

  • chelsea

    Ok so it’s 6 days past ovulation/ intercourse I felt sick the day right after and still do and now I have thick white discharge it to early for pregnancy test just curious as to why I am having this discharge

  • Rere

    Hi, I’m new, okay so my period was 8/12 to 8/18 I had sex 8/15 little to no bleeding that day, I also has sex on the 18 and 19. My ovulation was due on the 19th by my calculations. My next cycle is due the week of 9/1. On 8/25 I went to the RR and when I wiped there was this snot like mucus tinged with blood, I had also started having mild cramps that day. My breast tingle at time but aren’t really sore and I have very mild cramping. I also keep having this wierd discharge bit it has no odor, its just more than normal ant its creamy, and this morning it was stringy like snot. Could I be pregnant.

  • Jessica

    Help ? I’m 6 day late on my period an I’m having sore breast an cramps?

  • rekha

    my daughter will 5 years on this nov,2nd.i have left taking contaceptives last month itself.had period on 23rd of august lasted for 3 days,had intercousre on 29 and few alternative days after having repeated intercourse on 6th sept night,from next morning i found a layer white discharge at the opening of d vagina,on third day a thick mucus came out of d vagina.what the reason may be?

  • lyn

    Hi, my boyfriend and i want to have a baby, so we had sex on Sept.16, i had been experiencing white discharge since Sept.26 but when i used a pregnancy test it says negative. 🙁 I wonder why is the result is like that. Did i take the pregnancy test too early? And how many days should i wait to use pregnancy test again?

  • amy

    Hi I just recently spotted only one day. I went to the bathroom to pee and when I whipped there was blood, looked in the toilet and there was small clots, ever since then I been having A LOT of discharge.. it’s clear and milky white, plus it’s a little sticky. I’m exactly 31 days late on my cycle….

  • lissette gonzalez

    I have had unprotected sex and usually get my period on the 13. I am never late but got my period two weeks early last month on the 1st. So I expected it on the 1st and now it’s been 8 days and no period along with mild cramping, back pain, increase discharge took a pregnancy test but was negative. Idk if I should wait until the 13 or what to think or do? Please help!!!

  • LovelyLady23

    Hey Had Miscarriage bout 5 months Ago…so afterrwards my period has been irregular..but this monthand last month it came on early only difference is last month i wasnt having sex if i was he would pull this month he didnt once and my period is a week early but it was brown when i wiped it was pinkish reddish..and immediately i start feeling horrible..fatigue,craving lasting bout week now and i just feel like its something their are also very mild cramps .could i be pregnant??,,Yes breast are soar and abdominal does feel lil pressure is it pregnancy or just period??

  • Ranju

    Hi, had my periods on Aug 28th, it has been 49 days, negative HPT.. Having lower left abdominal cramps often for past 2 weeks, feeling tired and I feel out of breath often.. Spotted milky white discharge 3 times in between, even today. My cycle is usually between 28-35 days.. We are trying for baby for past 6 months. But even yesterday its negative HPT.
    . I’m confused and scared.. Help me..

  • babydust

    Hi im takig clomid + premarin+ duphaston..period day one sept 28 lasted 5 days..12days cyle TVS..result one dominant follicle left ovary..14, 15, 16, 17, 18, feel mild cramps lower on my 19days cylce…I have this white creamy lotion discharges and headache .were trying to concieve 5 years now but not so lucky im 39 y.o.could I be pregnant?

  • rose

    hi,my period was due on sep19&I did not get my period yet.usually my period starts 4 days before the I feel back,stomach,left hand,leg pain& tired frequent urination &some times white Dischrage.Im I pregnantor not?

  • diana castillo

    i have been experience spoting akala ko meron na ko is a safe i have period on 3 then we stop on 6 then we have sex 12 is safe. then i have been experience on 26 na parng period nawala agad its posibility to get a pregnant

  • diana castillo

    pls respond tnx

  • Jasmine

    I’m 16 an I had unprotected sex about three weeks an two days ago I haven’t taken a test yet I was not on my fertile window when it happen. I haven’t experienced any symptoms although I have been getting headaches an I have sore breast I’m thinking that it could be because my period will be starting in four days. Could I be pregnant?

  • omoohu

    We ve been tryn to get pregnant for 3months now buh no positive result yet. My last cycle was oct12 finished on16, had sex dat same day and 19,20,21,23,25,26 and 27. Am 5days to my period but i noticed I sleep a lot dis days, sore breasts, pee alot, always tired,get hungry a lot, a lot of discharge and Lower abdomen cramps. Pls some1 shld help me, am I pregnant

    • Aaliyah Gore

      Have you had brown spotting? My las period was October 6th we had sex the 17th and 18th of October. And I have the same symptom and the day of my period I got little pieces of brown discharge and still got it a little today and the day it was suppose to come on it felt like it but everytime i checked it never came, my period was suppose to come on the 3rd but I’m 2 days late.

      • omoohu

        Wow! No brown spotting yet, whitish and sometimes yellow

        • Aaliyah Gore

          They say brown spotting could be implantation bleeding but I made a Dr. Appointment for Monday to find out, hopefully its a (+).☺

          • omoohu

            Wish u goodluck dear. Can wait to be positive

          • Aaliyah Gore

            Yes it was positive ! And I wish you luck!😘

          • omoohu

            Wow! Aaliyah am so happy for u! Are u on bbm or WhatsApp?

  • Aaliyah Gore

    My Last Period Was October 6th I Had Unprotected Sex October 17th and 18th. My Periods Are 25-28 Days Apart, I’m Two Days Late, My period Was Suppose To Come On November 3rd, The Day Before My Missed Period I Had Little Brown Spotting And The Day Of My Missed Period I Had It Also Also With A Little Watery/Creamy Discharge, Along With Mild Back Pain And A Little Stomach Cramps. It Felt Like My Period Was About To Come On, But It Never Did And I Had A Little Brown Spotting Today, No Red Nor Pink… Is It Possible I Could Be Pregnant? Has Anyone’s Else Experienced This?

  • boikanyo

    Hey I was suppose to see my periods on 26 October and I’m having a heavy milky discharge and cramps so it means I’m late 11 days I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative I used a wrong info I was suppose to take it in the morning and I didn’t wat may be wrong with me?think you and please reply

  • Ellie

    I had sex the 13th of October. I am on birth control, however we were at a gathering that night and I had a few drinks. When I usually start my period it starts very heavy and gradually decreases until it’s only just spotting. I started my period Wednesday the 4th when I was expecting it Thursday the 5th (which is normal because I usually start a day before or after my period app says I will), but I noticed that the bleeding was unusually light. I bled through a lite tampon and semi soaked a regular but keep in mind I usually bleed through a super. I haven’t really had any unusual cramping or unusual discharge or nausea or anything like that but I’m nervous that it could be implantation bleeding and that I’m pregnant. Does alcohol interfere with the effect of the birth control pills? It’s currently November 7th and I’m just having very light spotting. The color is a normal red, not pink or brown. Please help!

  • Merch chantilope

    Hey I to also was was taking Clomid. I took it on my 3 day to 7th of my menses. I had unprotected sex on the 10th, 13th, 14th , 15th and 16th day of my cycle. I am now experiencing nausea and tender nipples. I am getting creamy white discharge. Could I be pregnant too?

  • Erica

    I had a period three days early and it lasted for four days, however it was lighter then normal. We have been having unprotected sex for a few days, I am worried that I might be pregnant. I have pain in the lower part of my abdomen and have had a white stick discharge. I had a faded positive test and the last three test I have taken were all negatives. My period is not due for another 13 days what should I do?

  • Stephanie.

    ive been trying to get pregnant. i got my period this morning what day to consume or ovulation day. Please help

  • hunnybunny

    My last period started on the 24th of October 2015, I am now three days late. Had unprotected sex on my ovalution day 4/11/2015. I have cramps that last for a minute or two then afterwards I become very nasuate, I have been getting mild headaches and dizziness and started to get lower back pain. Could I be pregnant and if so would it be to early to test?

  • yun

    i had my last period on 6th oct i was supposed to have my period on 11 nov but i had unprotected sex on 9th nov and still now its 22nd nov and i have no signs of period but only white discharge…no pregnancy symptoms aswell.. what shall i do
    i am really freaked out..please help.

  • Freakynewgirl1993

    Hey I had made out with MA bf wen I was ovulating..v were sex..but u gave him handjob nd touched myself..not into d hole..he was dry nd didn cum all d aftr 12 days I started bleeding like MA periods with dark blood nd mucous nd good flow.myn wasn’t due till nxt week.there s no evident odour but I fear if I myt be I?

  • Diz


  • Diz

    My cycle is 28 days and I have a chart which I use every month to record this, am normally only on my period for 3 days been like that for years and I am now on day cycle 33 and no sign on a period however the last 3 days I have had cramps off and on not constant as if I am on my period but it’s not here.
    I took a test yesterday so day 32 of cycle but was negative, is this just a unusual late period ?
    Thank you

  • Aly

    For the past few weeks I’ve been really hot to the point my face turns for truck red. I’ve had to pee quite often, and I’m always really tired and hungry. I’ve had abdominal craps and I’ve been bloated. My discharge is a milky white color, and I’ve been emotional. Ive had some nausea but not alot. Could I be pregnant?

  • Nettie

    I am 5 days late with my period and am wondering if I could be pregnant? I’ve been having these weird low abdominal crampy feelings and clear/white discharge in my underwear for a few weeks now…nausea every once in a while and swollen boobs a little sore at the nipple? I have not been any birth control at all….but I’m 45 years old so who knows?

  • Cashmer Smith

    I had two period early in Oct. One carrying from the end of Sept to early Oct. Then the next one in Oct around the 21 but it was early short. Me and my boyfriend we have unprotected sex all the time. I started with lite white discharge and then it began to get heavy. Nov is over and still no period, no sign of cramps but I feel like I have the throw up everyday and I haven’t been getting any sleep. I got to sleep around 3am or 4 am every night. I’m worried I may be pregnant.

  • Ms. Williams

    Good afternoon. y last cycle began October 15th and ended October 19 and I had sex October 21. I have not came on my cycle, my eating habits are slightly different, my vagina is always extremely moist and I am noticing white like discharge. No signs of a cycle, no tenderness in my beasts or cramping which normally lets me know im about to start. Could this mean I may be pregnant? I also had two dreams last month and the first was me with a two month old and I only actually have a five year old daughter but it the dream I hd a infant along with my daughter , and the very next day I dreamed I took a pregnancy test it was positive and I went told my boyfriend. Not sure if that’s a sign as well but im a bit nervous.

  • Me

    I had unprotected sex about two weeks ago then after I had what I thought was my period but now I’m not so sure. I’ve been really tired lately, and kinda cranky and and eating more. And I’ve got this discharge that looks thick and white ish. I wanna say milky. And my stomach feels kinda bloated. I don’t know what to do.

    • Taiya

      Hey, I’m having the same problem. I have spotting as well.
      Have you taken a pregnancy test??

  • Shiv

    My period date is late by 7 days till today.. I hve safe sex on 18 nov. My orignal date is 30 of evry month.. Today i feel white liquid from my pussey. m i pregnant..?

  • Hannah

    I only finished my period 4 days ago and had sex twice but now im getting really weird aching cramps.. do you think i could be pregnant?

  • Lorraine B

    I had sex a day before ovulation and now almost a week later I’m having mild cramps and clear odorless discharge. Took a test it was negative is it too soon could I be pregnant?

  • kellsey

    Hi …. im due my period tomorow but last week i had brown discharge but i have white discharge now im on no contraception …… my breast arnt sore but im gettin cramps now and again ???? Help

  • Meagan

    My period started on 0ct 16 and ended on oct 22. Thisbwas a normal period for me. I had unprotected sex on oct 22 and up until about two weeks ago. I noticed a milky discharge around 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. Its an odorless discharge. Also if my jeans are too tight it feels like i have pressure very low almost at my pelvis. I havent started my period and im not having any normal signs of it to come. However my breast feel heavy and it hurts just around my nipples mostly. Could i be pregnant? I have a history of miscarriage so i really dont want to lose another pregnancy.

  • angel Hayes

    I just had a baby 2 months ago and my guy n I been having unprotected sex a lot. But I know my body and I just got off my period a week ago. N I’m still having sex without BC yet. Should I wait or just go get on BC without a for sure test

  • Courtney

    Hello. My last period was Nov.29th and ended on Dec.3rd which is unusual for me because my period can last up to 6 days. We had sex on the 2nd a day before my period ended andafter just about everyday after. About a week ago I was feeling mild cramping in my lower abdomen area and is still feeling these cramps. Today Ive noticed that I had creamy pinkish Cm but my period is 5 days away…..what does this mean? Am I pregnant?

  • Taiya

    Hi, so I had my period around the 11th of this month, (December) everything seemed regular, my period was just shorter than normal.. It’s not the 26th of December and I am spotting, peeing more often, and I have a while/creamy discharge. Similar to lotion. I have NOT had unprotected sex. I have no nausea or anything tho.. Could I be pregnant?? Please someone help..

  • Shifali

    Hey,i want to becum pregnant from last 3 Mnths.after having unprotected sex wid my huby, i feel white discharge for two days.m confused y this happens.i checked wid kits,but always found negatve,but from last 2 Days,we hve regular sex n discharge and I’ve not test anymore.wat does this means then?

  • KD

    My last period came Dec 26th – Dec 29th , I had unprotected sex on the 3rd and I now have a white discharge , no odor or anything , I been sleeping a lot and my stomach tightens up sometimes . What can this mean?

  • Amanda

    I had sex almost a WEek ago I started having period like cramps for 2 days now I’m not due to start my period for a couple weeks should I be worried

  • AthinciA97

    I am 18, my last period was dec 14 2015. I had sex on my ovulation days but I didn’t know they were those certain days until now. It was 2 weeks ago that I last had sex. The past 4 days I have been expecting my period any day and it hasn’t come yet. I have been having weird sharp pains in my lower stomach, I have also been feeling like I was going to throw up the past 4 days but haven’t, I have just had thd feeling. And I have been having some weird pains in my lower back and kind of in my hips. But on top of that me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 1/2 years, well that is until 4 days ago,he told me that he loved me and that he does everything to make me happy but hes not happy with me. We havent talked sense and all I have done for the past 4 days is cry, I have eaten but not alot, and im scared I have lost him for good. But these signs are freaking me out, I dont even have the normal signs that I get when my period is gonna start. Could I be pregnant? Im so freaking out right now, I have had the tiredness, and the stomach pains, and back pains, is it possible that I am? Or is it just from the break up? I need help:'(

  • Caitlin

    Me and my fiance have been having unprotected sex but never have I gotten pregnant but I got bad cramps last week and then stared bleeding but it wasn’t heavy like a period, some things I eat make me sick. Tonight me and my fiance had sex and after “cleaning up” discharge was like an egg white color instead of clear and im really nauseous and I can’t wait for my period cause that’s really irregular

  • kerri

    Me and my boyfriend had sex and the next morning I got up and I started bleeding and it wasn’t even time for my period I usually start the 11th or the.15th of the month and I started 4 days eairler and the bleeding only last 3 and half days so does mean I might be pregnant

  • TeeTee

    I had a period on Dec 26-30 my ovulation was on Jan 8-12 I had unpertect sex on the 8,9,11 I start feeling cramping but my period is not due until 26 of January I am having really sharp pain in my stomach like iam about to start right if am pregnant this will be my third baby if I am Plus it hard for me to sleep on my belly could I be pregnant again

  • Beck

    Hi my husband and i have been trying for a baby for two years now. I had my period on the 25th december which lasted till the 28th december. We had sex on the 30th, 3rd, 4th, 5th,7th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 16th and 18th of jan. I was waking up hot from the 4th to the 10th of jan. I felt nausea on the 12th jan and 18th of jan which i also saw a chunky thick white mucus in my underwear on the 18th jan. I had cramps on the 19th of jan and sore to touch nipples since the 20th of jan. Oh and i feel bloated like i normally do before i get my period. Could i be pregnant or not?

  • Nika Mennite

    Im going through the same thing

    • Me.

      I’m going through the sane things girls I am very very worried because all of the research I have been doing now I have this really bad head cold and all congested I’m worried that I am pregnant everybody I ask says to take the test in a week or two right after a long night sleep because that’s when all ur hormones are up and that’s when u will get the most accurate reading

      • JustMarissa

        Same here but I’ve had 3 negative tests and I’m supposed to start my period on the 17th. Also have like a cold I’m congested and I just got over being sick from allergies a week ago and now I’m sick again…?

        • Hope

          Me too I’m going through it now what was ur results

      • Princess

        I feel something white coming out of my vagina and I never had sex

    • Kendall K


  • Nika Mennite

    Well i had unprotected sex one week before an for two weeks after an i had this white discharge 3 days later an had took a pregnancy test it was negative an i still havent had my period am i pregnant….also im trying with my husband.

    • Tauseph

      You said me all the time lied

    • Tauseph

      I hated you

    • Tauseph

      I m don’t use this apps this I saw in Google with your name

  • Stefanie

    I have got very light pink colour in my pants the smorning

  • Stefanie

    Been feelin nausea, slightly sick ova past few days lost ma appatite as well I’m not due on for anotha 2wk est can this be

  • latia

    I came on my period on 31dec. And came off on the 6th janurary i was having lower stomach pains but im not now or on my period am i pregnant?

    • Mcgee29

      I’m kinda confused with my cycle nov14 had it got off on the 20 December got my period on the 22 now January I just got it on the 29th days til the new month

  • Artsy01

    I had unprotected sex 9 days ago and have been feeling very nauseous the past few days, mainly at night. My period had just a ended the week before, so I’m not expecting to start anytime soon and I need some answers. Any help?

    • mg

      It’s normal to feel nauseous after taking ecp. Just expect your next period to come earlier

  • Tabitha

    Hello, so me and my boyfriend are trying to get pregnant. I feel like I’ve been having signs, however I don’t know if it’s just because I should be starting soon. It started off with having heartburn and feeling like I have to puke, then I started waking up at night ( which I never do) yo use the bathroom, now my boobs kill me with every little thing I do. I’m always tired (more then what I use to be) and I feel like my jeans and some shirts are getting too tight. Its also hard to poop (tmi I know. ) I have a 7 year old but with him I had no symptoms until I was 7 months. Please help I feel like this is making me go crazy!! I know I can’t take a test yet because it’s too early!

  • Ruby

    December was my 2nd month of clomid I do the 5-10 I start my dose on the 25th of December and I still havnt started to take my 3rd month cause I havnt had my cycle at all the month of January I usually start on the 21st I have tooken 2 tests and they have come back negative could I possibly be pregnant I have a Dr appt Feb 8

  • susana

    are u pregnant? im experiencing the same thing. im worried

    • Marieka

      Are you pregnant!

  • Sandra

    On January the 4th I started spotting, but I still got my period and all that month I had unprotected sex I have irregular periods but the beginning of February on the 4 I went to the restroom and I peed and blood came out but I cleaned my self and clear stuff started coming out. The next 3 days I didn’t bleed at all. So I know it wasn’t my period. But I’m still getting cramps and my breast hurt. What could it be?

  • Scaredashell

    So I had unprotected sex on the 30th and got my period on the 31st which is ALWAYS 7 days however, this one only lasted about 4 or 5. I’ve had some cramping like I’m on my cycle after bleeding stopped and I’m hungry All the time, normally I can go a day and eat only once if at all but now I get weak and nautious and my head hurts, are these early signs of pregnancy? ???

  • ashley

    I had sex a day before my cycle . that was 4 days early btw . yesterday a watery whitish discharge caught my attention while i was sitting down eating . for the past few days ive been having mild cramps back pains headaches a frequent urination could i be pregnant?

  • Renee

    1st day of period was January 31 it ended on February 2nd. I have a 31 day cycle. Had sex February 14 & 15 the day before ovulation and day of ovulation. Today is the 18th of February and I have had a headache on and off for the past two day, and my breast are aching on and off. Could I be pregnant. If I am this will by my 3rd pregnancy.

  • O

    Hi I just had a hsg test on the tenth n IV had sex like every day since now I’m feelin kinda sick but not throwing up n crampin off n on do u think its to early to take a test n do u think I could be

  • O

    Hi I had hsg test n had sex like every day since n now I’m feelin sick but not throwing up n a lil cramping off n on what could it be could i be pregnant n is it to early to test the test was done on the tenth n now its the 21st

  • Megan Layton

    My last period start date was January the 23 and I was supposed to start again 21st of February and have not started could I be pregnant

  • Morgan

    hi. so I got my period 8 days early (3 days after I had unprotected sex ) I bled for 7 days but I didn’t have any cramping like I normally do when I get my period . after it stopped I started having a lot of milky white cervical mucus and mild cramping . Blue veins have popped out everywhere on me especially on my breasts . my breasts are very sore and feel full . my areoles have a brown ring around them . now I’m having mild cramps on the lower left side of my back . Could I possibly be pregnant ? If so when should I take a home pregnancy test ?

  • Jamie

    Okay you guys I had unprotected sex on like Feb 17 my last period was on feb 4-10 and I have been been experience some weird things the other day when I peed I peed out some brown little flakes. I’ve been having stomach pains like crazy . every morning when I wake up I’m extremely hot & I feel sick . I often spit out cold like it be in my throat already. I’m having discharge like crazy for no reason I thought it was a yeast but idk I’m really worried

  • maranda

    Not all pregnancy texts are accurate

    • Jamie

      Okay you guys I had unprotected sex on like Feb 17 my last period was on feb 4-10 and I have been been experience some weird things the other day when I peed I peed out some brown little flakes. I’ve been having stomach pains like crazy . every morning when I wake up I’m extremely hot & I feel sick . I often spit out cold like it be in my throat already. I’m having discharge like crazy for no reason I thought it was a yeast but idk I’m really worried

      • Jamie

        Also my vagina lips (cervix) are very soft and it feels like it’s closed

        • Marieka

          Well were you pregnant?

  • Nek

    My last period was on the 7th.. We had unprotected sex on the 24th 25th & the 26th. Now I’m experiencing while milky discharge. Any ideas?

  • runawaydino

    my last period was Jan. 30th. I had unprotected sex Feb. 26. I was cramping a lot but now I’m not cramping at all. Am I just stressing myself out or could I actually become pregnant.

  • Krystal Boston

    I have no clue what’s going on , my doctor started me on prenatal vitamins last week and told me to come back to get my implant out after my period stopped , which I did . That was four days ago we’ve been having unprotected sex every since all of a sudden last night I had light brown discharge then a light red I started to cramp and feel like throwing up . Today I woke up and saw I was bleeding a little . Is this just my hormones reacting to the implant removal even though my doctor said I shouldn’t bleed till my next cycle or is it implantation bleeding ?

  • Anneliese

    I have a serious qusetion i am on the explon implant & i had un pertected sex jan.30th my boyfriend cummed in me & sence then i have been discharging every other week, bad bloating, bad stomach pains/cramps, have to pee vary often & i could eat somthing get full then 2-3 house later i get really hungrey again…. Am i pregnant? Please help me out!

    • Anneliese


  • Kayla

    I had my last period on February 15 and I had sex on March 4 and 6 and was supposed to get my period on March 7, I sometimes start up to a week late but not as of lately, I’m also experiencing cramping on and off like I’m gonna get my period but I haven’t yet, I’m 17 and worried I could be pregnant

  • jem

    Hi I missed my period a 11 days when I had a week break on the patch got them on the 12 day they didn’t last long and I took 3 test and said I wasn’t pregnant I have got sick now and have discharge white with a bit of blood and pains in my stomach …

  • Merri

    Help please! So last month my ob adviced me to take birth control pill to rest my ovary because of endometrial cyst. Took it in mid cycle and bled on the 43rd day. On the 4th day of bleeding, we had sex but he withdrew. My period lasted for 8 days. And now, it’s the 31st and I’m still waiting for my period 🙁 but my cervix is low, firm and dry when I tested this morning and haven’t had any weird symptoms. Btw my cycle is 28-30 days. Could the delay be caused by the pill? I’m so scared.

  • Trishy

    Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. I had my period the 10th of February and came off on the 15th of February me and him had intercourse the 16th and 17th unprotected. A week later i took a pregnancy test it was negative but ive been feeling sick lately having the feeling of nausea not really wanting to eat moody and whinny sleeping more and more i washed dishes for about 10 mins and i had back pain really bad. Been having extreme headaches hot food burns my stomach eating sweets a lot like thats all i want feeling like im stressed for no reason white discharge a bit too but now i just started my period today march 10th and its painful but there isnt a lot of blood. It will be a month on the 16th if i am pregnant are these symptoms

  • Chelsea garcia

    My last pd was jan1st 2016 after my pd i had sex all right days and feb came and missed my pd. But i took several pg test and all came back negative. So i lost hope and waited for march too see if i had just skipped my cycle but turns out exactly a month later which is march1st i spotted pink/brown for 4 days. I stopped and now i’ve been feeling fatter, im told i look fatter im getting mild cramps on my bottom left side hips and my vagina has been hurting too like if someone is pinching me. It happens like 4 times in a minute, could i have gotten pregnant on jan and its to early to show or could i have gotten pregnant on feb WITHOUT my pd. ? I am very concerned….. I’ve never spotted, just 1 time when i was pregnant with my first but had a miscarraige but only spotted for a few hours……. Plus my back has been hurting too…. I cant bend over for anything anymore

  • Nauvia

    The first day of my period was February 15 I took an ovulation test on March 2 and it came out positive today March 11 when I go to the bathroom and wipe there is a chunky brown odorless dicharge on the tissue, could I be pregnant

  • Dana

    I had unprotected sex on January 8th I had my cycle January 24-February 1…I took a pregnancy test a few weeks after the 8th it showed negative. I had unprotected sex again somewhere on or before the 24th. Took another test on or around February 26 after my missed cycle and it was positive. My question is did I get pregnant before or after the 24th.

    • dorothy

      you got pregnant before the 24th it takes longer than 2 days for your egg to travel from your fallopian tube implant in your uterus and reach hcg levels high enough to get a positive hpt.

      • Jass

        Hey so I ovulated on the 18th day of a 32 day cycle (may 12) I had sex on the 11th of this month which is to soon to know but right now I just feel uneasy , like I feel different . Do you think there’s a chance of being pregnant?

    • Madison

      I Know this is old but your pregnancy starts from your first day of your last period. Or that’s how the doctors do it at least. And sometimes it just takes your hcg levels a minute to get high enough to be detected by a hpt

  • stella marris

    hi, my husband and i have been trying to have a baby for months. so my last period is on 15th Jan, and now i’m late for period for almost 2 months. and last night we’ve had sex and i noticed that i bleed.. and so i thought i was having menses. but then this morning, there was no more blood discharge.. and i noticed that my hips often cramp, and my husband’s appetite increased..does he experienced pregnancy symptom and am i pregnant?…

  • helen

    i last mensurate on d 14feb,nd had sex wt my bf on d 6th of mar nd he cumed insyd of me…i ws suppose to start mensuratn on d 12th of mar bt it didnt show up i only had sum craps nd headache d day i ws supppse to mensurate..nw i am 3day late to my menses,nd lately i ve bin spittn nd irritated by food afta eatn…does it mean i am pregnant..pls i nid an accurate ans

  • kelly

    Well i had my period on 24 of feb and unprotected sex on the 5th but i didnt see any discharge of egg white slippery stuff till the 9th then white milk discharge days after can i be pregnant

  • Debrah

    I had my last on the period on the 22nd of February and on the 7 of March I had a unprotected I pregnant

  • Pravi …

    Hi, I am a 28yrs married lady. I had my last periods on 27th Feb… During my 2nd day of periods we had intercourse… That means 28th Feb.. After that we had sex on 14th March.. My periods was very regular and my next periods date is March 25th… But I got periods on 16th March and now I am having heavy bleeding… What I have to do now… Pls Advice…

  • Kandace

    I got off my period on the 8th of March, and my bf and I had sex on the 12, 14, 15, 16. Lately I’ve been feeling really tired, like exhausted! And idk why, I don’t have school, and I have work at 5pm. Lately I haven’t had the best appetite either, one day I’ll just shove anything and everything in my mouth, then the next day I won’t touch any food! This morning (16th) I woke up feeling really nauseous, but didn’t throw up. I was just thinking that I was hungry! Then when I took my sports bra off to put a regular bra on, my boobs were really tender and sore (as if I was on my period). That never usually happens to my boobs. Specially 8 days after I had my period. I looked on my period tracker and it says that I’m at my fertile window, I’m not supposed to start my net period until the 31st of March! So could I be pregnant?

  • Amylee

    I wasn’t due for my period for a few days but got it 2 days ago. Just before I realised I had my period (a few hours before) I felt really sick and threw up! I’ve never done that before! I’m not using any form of contraception and have regular sex during fertile Windows but am type 1 diabetic therefore haven’t successfully conceived within the last 8 months of trying. Could it be possible I am this time round?

  • Roshi

    Hi Friends,
    My period usually regular, but I am trying to conceive since last 2 months. First month of try, I was thinking I am pregnant, but I was not my period was 4 days late(which usually not).
    This is the second month we are trying .My last period was on 17th feb ,today is 17th march but no signs of period.
    I am having back pain and also pain in legs.
    what does it mean.

    • Roshi

      Hi Friends , Please reply.

  • Viridiana

    My last period ended February the 6 and I had unprotected sex when done I felt strange I can’t explain it and i was suppose to start my period march 4 and it is now March 17 and I still haven’t had my period it’s late already and I’ve taken a pregnancy test and it was negative could I still be pregnant?

  • Chanel

    My last period was the beginning of last week (I think) and I had intercorse on the 13th of March , he did say he came but not inside be he cleaned up and we continued , me being parranoi I’ve googled early pregnancy symptoms evey day !!! I feel like I’ve got some me being new to this ‘experience’ I don’t know if in pregnant or I’m just paranoid its been a week since our sexual intercourse & the only symptoms I’ve had is urinating more than often & headaches here a there I’m not sure if that’s part of it because once again I don’t know anything about this. And I think I’m sick but I font know if its related to the pregnancy I’m only you and can’t talk to my parents about this please help !!!!!!

  • tammie

    I know this probly too early to think I might be pregnant, but four days ago I had intercourse with my husband and now my Naples are extremely the deer and sore. Is this too early of a sign? Just don’t understand why they are so tender.

  • Payson131

    I always feel feverish and have menstrual cramps few days to my menstruation. I took clomid and vitamin e and I had sex, but this month am not feeling feverish and no cramps. But the pregnancy test I took came out negative both urine and blood. What is wrong?

  • Kayla

    Hi so I normally have my period every month around the 7th. This month it didn’t come until the 11th if you can even call it a period. My period usually last 3-4 days where this one was very light and seemed like I barley even started as it barley lasted two days. Now lately I have been having lower backaches (which could be from standing all day at work) , feelings nauseous, and my bras are now uncomfortable but my breast don’t hurt. Could I be pregnant or can it all be in my head?

  • sabrina

    I had my last period around 20th February I had unprotected sex on the 27th and took a preg test a week after and it said preg 1/2 weeks, every week after iv had unprotected sex, I’m two days late and feeling cramping???? cud it be possible I’m pregnant

  • Kayla

    Hi so I normally have my period every month around the 7th. This month it didn’t come until the 11th if you can even call it a period. My period usually last 3-4 days where this one was very light and seemed like I barley even started as it barley lasted two days. Now lately I have been having lower backaches (which could be from standing all day at work) , feelings nauseous, and my bras are now uncomfortable but my breast don’t hurt. Could I be pregnant or can it all be in my head?

    • dorothy

      if you haven’t already taken a hpt I would say you are definitely past the too early to test time frame. pick up a cheap test at you local drug store or if you need to look up places in your area that will do them for free.

  • Apple

    Hi ladies hubby and I have been trying TTC for few month now last month nothing this month not sure yet feeling tired and figured and feeling cramps like my periods are coming not due til 4or5 last TTC was 17 March. I know I am early lol.. When I pee it hurts it didn’t with my last two babies is anyone experiencing this

  • Apple

    I would go to the doctors love

  • anna kracht

    I’m so confused I had my period on the 14th this month and today the 23rd of this month I started to bleed very lightly like a pink color I’m not on birth control and I’m having unprotected sex could I be pregnant

  • moon

    I had unprotected sex on 22nd of feb.. my Last period was 27th of jan…and I have a regular monthly cycle of approx 28 days….I got my periods on 26th feb, and it lasted 4 days as usual… It is 25th of march already and I haven’t yet got my periods.. I am really worried could I be pregnant?

  • Sofia David

    Hi I am on 29th cycle day today and I am feeling like stomach pain and a soft vagina. I had a sex as per doctors advice till day 23. I have done pregnancy kit test at home got negative. .. will I be pregnant this cycle ends…. or I need to have sex till my period comes..?

  • niecy

    I had unprotected sex the last day of my period which was 21march 22march 23march & I feel some fluid coming out ta idk what it is could I be pregnant

  • Sam

    Hi there
    Me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex on the 12/13of March and on my app it says that I’m ment to ovulate on the 14/15 of March and on Thursday and Friday I had brown discharge when I wipe myself and on Saturday I bleed it was dark red like brownish and on Sunday it was on and off and today it stopped
    I have got headache and stomach ache
    I’m not ment to be due on till Tomorrow or Thursday
    Could I be pregnant

  • Dakoda

    I had my period the 25th of February and had sex the 16th of March and he ejaculated in me. I’m not on birth control, I had gotten the implanon out December 2nd. But then I started bleeding the 22nd. And it lasted up to 4 days. Is there a possibility of pregnancy? I’ve been having cramps, headaches, tiredness, nausea, and been puking. And also my nipple are just a tad bit more sensitive.

  • Xochitl dominguez

    Hi i have a question please help well look guys i had my period on march the 6 2016 n i finished it on the 11 or march from there me n my bf have been havin sex and he comes inside me we have been since there for like 3 weeks alreasy havin sex like thay every day i really eant to be a mom i am hoping i can get it but these day i veen gettin very very slight crams well like little pains in my ovaries or lower stomach it dont hurt just like this pain very light light but how i said my period ir regular always i would say i am in the 28 cycle so yea hopefully i ca get good news

  • leanne

    Hi I had normal period on 22nd feb .on 3rd and 4th march had unprotected sex .on 21 march I had lighter than normal period but getting neg hpt now have lower back pain and a funny feeling in abdoman and runny white discharge any ideas

  • Lae Ming Stoner

    Hello!! My husband and ii are trying to conceive. A week or two weeks ago I was ovulating but was coming off my period and we had unprotected sex that night. Two days later I started to feel a lot of discomfort. My stomach was constantly cramping. But the cramps are mild and they come and go. My belly button hurts when I touch it. I’m very very moody. Have a lot of tender spots on my body including my hands and legs. I’m very gassy. Also feel sick and I’m always tired. I lose shortness of breath here nd there. Last night I had a vivid dream I had a miscarriage and really bad night sweats. I am anemic. And I had no heater on the window was open. This morning I went to check my cervical mucus and it was slippery and really really white. Could this mean I’m ovulating or am ii pregnant???

  • Ac

    I had sex during my ovulation and fertile days the 3 to 4 days after that my breast where super sensitive if I laid down on my stomach they felt sore . Early symptoms of my 1st pregnancy were sore breast. Could I be pregnant?????

  • Sasha

    My last period was on the 12th Feb. I had unprotected sex on the 8th of March and was waiting for my period to come. On the 10th and 12th I had spotting with discharge and I missed almost the whole month . During the month however, I had been getting frequent mild headaches, I was feeling tired almost everyday.. When I climbed steps I was feeling breathless.. I also had weird stitch like cramps in my tummy this week, and my breasts started to hurt. I had mood swings, and felt like crying over weird things. Well it’s the last day of March and I started bleeding again. Its a weird colour though.. but I’m just wondering, should I still take a pregnancy test?

  • Cameron Covarrubias

    Hi I’m am now three days late I have taken a test it was neg but I have milk coming out of my boobs wen I squeeze them and my son keeps telling me that I have two babies in my tummy and last night he kissed my belly wen I told him to kiss baby goodnight I was talking bout his lil brother help

  • Neka

    Hello I had my period march 9 to the 13 was my last day … On 18 19 and 20 me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex … And he nut in me twice one of them days … On the 24 and 25 I had discharge white and it stop now it’s 30 and I’m discharge clear … I’m having headache as well and today I’m cramp on the left side then it move to the right could this be that I’m pregnant or wait into next month come

  • Kh

    I had period on March 4 sex on March 15 n now Ive bn having really bad cramps back pain headaches dizziness sometimes I’m not sure what it is or wen I was ovulating be cause the last period i had before this one was January 28 someone please help me understand

  • Jesselyn Rosales

    I had unprotected sex a day after my period. A week after my breast started to swell and I spotted. Am I pregnant?

  • lakiesha wiley

    it was a very possible change i could be preg, me and my boyfriend have been having sex everyday raw. and he comes in me alot my first period was on the 3rd march and ended on the 8th my period started a week early i was cramping but it was a light period and acted like it wanted to stop but it didnt for a full 5 days i had sex a day before it ended (started march 26 had sex on the 29th and period ended on the 30th) now my boobs are sore and gettin rounder and i have stomach cramps here and there please help me understand what this means

  • lakiesha wiley

    it was a very possible change i could be preg, me and my boyfriend have been having sex everyday raw. and he comes in me alot my first period was on the 3rd march and ended on the 8th my period started a week early i was cramping but it was a light period and acted like it wanted to stop but it didnt for a full 5 days i had sex a day before it ended (started march 26 had sex on the 29th and period ended on the 30th) now my boobs are sore and swelling , i have real bad head aches and back pains here and there and i have stomach cramps here and ther im still a little bit lost on the week early period today would have been the day i start my period please help me understand what this means

  • Jane

    My last period is march 10,and had unprotected sex 17,18,19, and end of the month there’s pinkish spot when I wipe mg vigina,it stop all day and night,but the next day April 1 until now April 4,I still have spotting,it’s pinkish,light red,and light brown,it happened 4 to 5 times a day’s just spotting not I possibly pregnant,I got negative result when I took test at home at the 2nd day of my the way I am a 9days early..

  • Mariana

    It’s been 2 days since I’ve had sex (on April 2) I’ve been cramping today and yesterday I had mild back pain, which was also my last day for my period we also had sex on March 29 which was my first day of my period both times we’ve had sex have been protected with a condom he’s even checked the condom when we’re done to see if they’re broken which they haven been. Could I be pregnant?

  • …..

    a few seconds ago
    It’s been 2 days since I’ve had sex (on April 2) I’ve been cramping today and yesterday I had mild back pain, which was also my last day for my period we also had sex on March 29 which was my first day of my period both times we’ve had sex have been protected with a condom he’s even checked the condom when we’re done to see if they’re broken which they haven been. Could I be pregnant?

    • dorothy

      if you used protection and it didn’t fail which seems to be the case you are most likely not pregnant.

  • cassie

    Hay I had sex on the first week of January while i was on birth control, stopped the birth control february my periods came as normal on February had no sex after that. But it did not come in March. I took a pregnancy test but i showed up negative. Been getting alot back pain, breast tenderness, headaches, abdominal pain.. Anything ????

  • alexandra

    i had my fertile days about 2 weeks ago and during those days i had sex with my husband…almost everyday, since then i´ve been feeling more tired than usual i keep peeing every damn hour, i´ve been feeling nauseous, my boobs feel kind off tender…do you guys think that i could be pregnant? when i was pregnant with my son i had symptoms after 2-3 weeks and i done the “pee on the stick” test when i was 3-4 weeks pregnant and it came out negative, i had about 4 pee tests at different time of my pregnancy and they all came out negative even after i had blood tests and the result and positive and the pee still came ou negative.

  • louise

    Hi, i had my last period march 3 untill march 10th or 11th of march i had unprotected sex two times since, i have had my period this month but it was early and it only lasted 4 days and since I’ve just had brown discharge, i have been feeling sick and i have been sick a few times but it just happens i don’t eve or anything i have been sleeping later and today i experienced a pain i have never experienced it was really sharp and painful
    ,could this mean im pregnant? Help!!

  • sheena webb

    Hi I had sex sat and the comdom split I was right in the middle of my fertile. I’ve been havin cramps in my belly feel a tad sick and weeing alot could I possible be pregnant

  • bern

    hi iv been having sex for the last two weeks but im due on my period on 19th April. i feel like im getting a few twinges below my stomach. is this a sign off coming on soon

  • Julissa Guerrero

    I just recently had sex like yesterday & he came in me once or twice. I haven’t gotten my period this month but usually it comes like in the 20th or so. When should I take a pregnancy test? & can I be pregnant?

  • TK

    I had unprotected sex on Mar 17. My period came on March 25 and lasted for 4 days, ending on the 29th. On April 5 I began feeling nauseous, as if I was about to throw up, but nothing happened, and this went on for most of the day. I still feel nauseous day in and day out, and it is now April 10th. For about 2 days, I was experienced a heightened sense of smell, but that has now gone away. I’m expecting my period in about a week, but I just want to know, is It possible that I could be pregnant?

  • Sanna


  • Sanna

    I am really worried I had unprotected sex on match the 20th, my period due date was on the 22nd, I started on the 25th. I’ve been experiencing all the pregnancy symptoms but I respite don’t know if I am also I’ve been having discharge yellow brown I really don’t know what it is csn someone help me please. Am I pregnant?

    • dorothy

      I’d recommend going to the doctor to make sure your abnormal discharge is not an infection, and at the same time your doctor can also test for pregnancy

  • Nelly

    I got my period on the 1 of april and it lasted up to 4 days and just a little spoting after the 4th day of my period. And after that i got abdominal. Pain for the past days now. I felt nauseous. 2 weeks before. My period. And after but i dont throw up. I dont get hungry much i get light headed and dizzy lately. By the way i have sex everyday unprotected. Could i be pregnant. I havr no clue and its April. 11 and i still have abdominal. Pain on and off now

    • dorothy

      some women have ovulation pain/cramping that could be what you are feeling it seems to early for it to be implantation, however since sperm can live for 3-5 days after sex you very well may become pregnant if this pain was ovulation. if you don’t get your period within g a week of your normal start time I’d take an hpt

  • nets

    ive had my period every month, but its not normal, ive been bloated, cramps, discharge nausea, i can even smell things from far away, im tired all the time but at night i cant sleep, always hungry but when its time to eat im full, alot of discharge and my pee smells like yeast and today im having cramps that feel like labour pains, they come and go. i dont know whats happening, really getting worried

  • Simone

    My last period was in march between the 14-16 i dont know exactly which but anyway i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend every day after march 20. I had a little spotting on April 12 along with cramps. I’ve been heaving those cramps for the past 2 days now on and off with now spotting i have really bad gas & i seem to get light headed at times am i pregnant?

  • Lauren

    Hello, im not due my period yet but the other day i came on for like an hour? And then in went, ive been having very bad stomach aches and i can not stop eating, ive always been skinny and always eatin one meal a day as im not a big eater, so these things are really stressing me out, any advise?

  • Peaches

    I know this thread is old, but for future reference : I don’t know where you gotten your info from, but lower backpain, headache, lower abdominal cramps, can be do to implantation/ very early pregnancy

  • rakesh yadav

    i had unprotected sex with my gf on 2 april and her last period date is 7 or 8 march now her not started yet its late around 6 day is there any chances of pregnancy plz hell me im so much worry about us

    • dorothy

      try testing in a few days if she hasn’t gotten her period still. if you are in need help finding places you can get a free pregnancy test contact the pregnancy crisis center and they will refer you to places in your area that can help you. this is the website

  • Alex rocks

    i had unprotected sex with my gf on 2 april and her last period date is 7 or 8 march now her period is not started yet it may me delay around 4 to 5 day is she get pregnant plz help me out im so much worry about her

  • Sayda Foster

    I should have seen my period on the 1st of March i did a pregnancy test a couple days after and came out negative, today is the 15th of April and this morning nothing no signs of my period, this evening i went to use the bathroom and saw i was bleeding i wipe and after a couple minutes i wipe again no bleeding is there something wrong could i be pregnant?

  • Kyi

    I had my lmp on the 14th of February which last for 5dys had sex the 24th,25th of February and the 3rd and 6th of March didn’t had a period at all in March which was 13-17th also missed my cycle for this month which was supposed to from the 10-14th of April now on the 15th I started bleeding but not heavy to fill a pad

  • Chas

    I had sex for like 30 seconds doing my fertile time unprotected and I woke up 5 days later with a stomach ache what does this mean ?

  • Jessica Hamlin

    Thanks this helps a lot but can I ask which is the best stage to most likely get your pregnant? I had the white creamy stuff come out then a day or so later a thick egg white/snot looking stuff in my panties, I had sex the day after that ( on the 12th ) … period was on the 5th of April, it lasted about 5-6 days, I had sex in the 12th and then again on the 18th ….what do u think my possibility of being pregnant is? I had all the cervical fluid stuff come out a day or two after I got off my period …thanks …

  • jess

    Hi, I was due my period yestersay, I
    normally get it the night before and wake up to it the day it’s due, it always comes the 20th till about the 24th, last week I had some spotting it was brown but also was a bit pink and reddish in colour and only lasted three days, that was about 9 days after ovulation and 5 days before my period was due, I have not got my period its 2 days late and I have slight cramping in my lowere stomach, my areoles are darker and boobs are tender and sensitive, very tired all the time, I normally eat anything all the time and now I’m very picky and odd, sometimes I can’t eat all day and other times I’m only hungry for certain foods, belly is bloated a lot and I have bad headaches but I normally get them sometimes anyways I have a yellow thick discharge the last 3 days and I’m feeling sick a lot but haven’t got sick though. I’ve been trying for a baby and just wondering is there any chance I could be pregnant?

  • Synthia

    I had unprotected sex on april 11,13,15&18th of this month and he busted inside. today i went to pee i whipped i had thick white discharge from my vagina what does thag mean can anyone answer please

  • monique

    Me and my bf dont use condoms when we are intimate. My last period was on march 30…its now april25 and I still have not got my period for April. My cycle is shorter so I usually get it twice a month. I’m starting to get a little worried since I have not got a period at all this month. Could I be pregnant??

  • Nicole

    I had unprotected sex two days ago and have been having cramps all day I was supposed to start my period yesterday and haven’t yet. I’ve been on the pill for over a year now yes I forget sometimes but very few times have I forgotten. Does this mean I can be pregnant? I’ve been freaking out because I’m having cramps but no period and had unprotected sex which wasn’t the smartest I know. I don’t know what to do tho.

  • vepuri

    am not a irregular period but this month suddenly one day late of my periods and then after a day later just little bit comes out. then normal i mean no period type just a cloudy yellow what happened to me. and is there any chances to get a pregnant.

    • vepuri

      please reply me

  • Nmartins

    Hi! So my husband and I split up on February 28th and we’ve been trying to work it out this month. With that being said I haven’t had sex since February 24th and we had sex again on April 16th and April 19th. I got my period on February 25th, March 25th and this month it hasn’t come. We did not use protection and he did cum in me. But we had sex a week before my period was due and a few days before it was due. Can I be pregnant?

  • K.

    I’m just a teen and me and my boyfriend had sex earlier in the month of April. It is now May 1st, I missed my period, but I don’t feel nauseated at all and I haven’t thrown up at all. Am I pregnant?? Please I really need help

  • Dejay

    Hi I Had Sex With My Boyfriend April 5 && Every Since The 16th My Breast Have Been Sore Like My Period Is ReadT To Start But Haven’t An Here We Are May 1 2016 An My Breast Hurt Worse My Head Hurts iM Having Mood Swings Could I Be Pregnant..

  • Char

    Hi there, I just want to know 1 week before your period is due could you get pregnant I had unprotected sex Twice my last period was on the 9th to the 13th April,

  • Alexis

    I really need advice… I’m 17, and had unprotected sex with this guy about 7 days ago, neither of us knows if he actually came or not. My period is normally scheduled to start around the fourth or the fifth of the month, which means its a day away. However I’m worried because I’ve been having excruciating cramps for days upon days, and sometimes I have a mild headache for an hour or so sometimes longer. Most recently though I’ve been having extreme back pain, lower back area mostly. And I’ve been having food cravings and aversions. For example I absolutely love milkshakes and for some reason I just can’t keep them down, I’ve tried for three days now to drink one and I throw it up only minutes later. Is it possible I could be experiencing early pregnancy signs and my body is trying to adjust? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (:

  • Vicky

    Hi my last period was on the 7th April I had sex with my boyfriend 17th 18th 19th then started bleeding on the 27th just for one day it wasn’t like a period it was just spotting and dark brown could I be pregnant?

  • Krystal Hill

    Ok I have taken 2 pregnancy tests with a negative result but I started spotting on 5/2 and nothing on the 3rd and today a very little creamy pink could I be pregnant?

  • Birdie123

    Hey guys well my last period was on 04-22-15, i had unprotected sex two days after my period, but on the pill. I have been having cramps, strong headaches, tired, felt nauseous but no vomitting, lower back pain and having milky white discharge for the past week and today my breast are very swollen and still have strong cramps. I am supposed to get my period the 5-16/5-17 but im just wondering an worried are these any early pregnancy symptoms?

  • Birdie123

    Hey guys well my last period was on 04-22-15, i had unprotected sex two days after my period, but on the pill. I have been having cramps, strong headaches, tired, felt nauseous but no vomitting, lower back pain and having milky white discharge for the past week and today my breast are very swollen and still have strong cramps. I am supposed to get my period the 5-16/5-17 but im just wondering an worried are these any early pregnancy symptoms?

  • Breana chavez

    I have had sex with two different people. My first day of my last period was March 21st through March 26th. I had sex with my boyfriend a few times for the next four weeks after the 21st. Then I had sex with another person only once right before my next period was going to start. This date was April 21st and my next period was starting April 26th. I am 10 days late. I have taken a pregancy test and came out negative. My beast are extremely sore along with some cramping and I am having more discharge than normally. I am concerned who the father can be if I do turn out to be pregnant. Or I am just being paranoid about the whole situation.

  • dorcas conduah

    My breast tender and little heavy but my menses is not due but am bleeding and feels hot .After taking a blood test is negative. What can I do.

  • Tiffany

    Okay I just had unprotected sex about a week ago he came in me twice . Then like 2 days ago I kept feeling like I peed my pants but I didn’t I felt like a whole bunch a water just went into my water . I know it’s early I took a pregnancy test and got a negative . What could this mean please help?

  • Mrskejick

    Hi, I have a question. So I’ve been almost two weeks late. I was supposed to start my AF on the first of April/16 & still nothing. I had a MC on January/16. I’ve been feeling nauseous but nothing comes up. I’m feeling tired all the time and sleep a lot more than usual. A couple of mornings ago I was having mild cramps but no sore/tender breasts. I did three HPT’s but it came back -ive. My menstrual cycle is very regular. Is there a possibility that I’m pregnant?? Pls help.

    • Alia

      Hello, try to get hcg blood test done, if you are not sure.

  • Loli

    my period usually came on the 22 of every month the month of April I got it on April 11 and then may I missed I got a positive pregnancy test

  • Loli

    The period I had in April came out brown at first then turned pink had for a few days

  • Brittany Mutschler

    I know that this is all from 4 years ago but I need some help. I had my period the second to last week of April and I’m not suppose to start again for another week or two. On Friday I woke up feeling fine but later that day I was sent home puking. I threw up the rest of the night until early Saturday morning. The rest of Saturday and until this morning I’ve just felt nauseous, some smells or taste would make it worse so I just layed down until it went away. I woke up at like 3 or 4 this morning and rushed to the bathroom to throw up and just felt poopy since. I feel hungry but everything either smells or taste gross. I’ve also been discharging non-stop, like a milky white color. My lower back has been hurting, more when I feel sick and I have cramps like when I’m on my period… What should I do?

    • Tracey

      I’m having most of your symptoms, milky white/egg white discharge, lower abdominal cramps, breasts sore, bloated and feeling tired after eating. I would suggest take a pregnancy test. If you take the 2 line ones they don’t fully show properly for me because I have PCOS and my hormones isn’t that good. But with my first daughter I used Clearblue electronic test and they are fantastic. I asked my husband to order a pack of 5 on Amazon. If you are tested negative now, wait a while and test them on your first pee of the day. the first time you go toilet, your hormones are the strongest. So basically use the test immediately when you wake up. If you are still feeling unsure, go to your GP and schedule for a blood test. Good luck x

  • Aysha G.

    if my ovulation date is the 8th-12th and I had sex the day before the 8th and after and I took the morning after pill on the 11th is there a possibility I could be pregnant

  • Gowrikrishna

    I had a missed abortion in my 2 months because of no definite foetal pole and heartbeat

    • Alia

      so sorry to hear about your misscarriage, you will be able to conceive again… just follow a good diet with folic acid atleast 3 months before you try again ..:)

  • Gowrikrishna

    I had a missed abortion on 9feb2016 in my 2 months because of no definite foetal pole and heartbeat..
    I have pcod .. could i be pregnant as soon

  • Ashley

    My stomach hurts and can’t eat and my breast is have milk come out haven’t miss the period but it being off too am I pregnant please help me thanks

  • anjana sinha

    my cycle starts on 10th of every month…..i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 2nd oct…….and even till now i did’nt have my periods…….please tell me….am i really pregnant……if i am……any medicine to avoid that?

    • Alia

      u mean 2nd october?2015?

  • dd

    I had sex and its my first time 3 days after I saw blood in my underwear what does it means?

  • Devaline Ekwas Siale

    Hey I’m just like her but abit slightly different , me and my partner had sex on Thursday 12 last week but my partner didn’t cum in me he came near my vagina but I laid there for a bit before I wiped off , but today is Thursday 19 I was suppose to get my period yesterday but I still haven’t got it till now and funny thing is that my stomach feels abit hard and I tend to yawn all the time what does that mean please ? If you guys could help me ! 🙂

  • Heather hawkins

    Hey guys, I’m having the same issue. I already had my period this month, but 6 or 7 days after that I had unprotected sex and he came in me. I just had a baby 3 months ago, and I know I’m still really fertile. I’m having white milky discharge and some stomach cramps now. This was only 4 days ago that this happened. We also had sex last night, and I’m still experiencing the same problems. Could I be pregnant? Or what’s going on. Please help!!

  • Kim

    Ok my period came May 7th and my breast are super sore today they have been sore for 4days now but the pregnancy test says I’m not pregnant so what do i do

  • guest1

    ok, me and my boyfriend are actively trying to get pregnant, i usually keep up with my ovulation and when we have unprotected sex but lately i havent. anyways, during the day before my “ovulation” my breasts were so sore i couldnt even touch them, after they eased up on hurting so much i now have a an overwhelming smell of breast milk coming from my boobs! ive had some lower back pain but nothing else really. im too eager to wait until my next cycle on the first so what do you guys think?

  • Hayley

    My last period start date was 6th may finish 10th..I had unprotected sex on 11th took a postinor 2 pill 15 mins after on d 13th I had unprotected sex didn’t tak any postinor 2
    I noticed on 17/25th may 2016 I discharging brown vaginal discharge nipples hurts having ovulation cramps
    I still have them though.
    I am I pregnant

  • Faith Hope Williams

    Hey could it be am pregnant I can’t remember the date of my last period but I do miss my period for two months I have been having nausea with out vomiting and lower stomach pains and spotting and sometimes my stomach get stiff and bloated and these few days my vagina gaves some dull pain

  • Yvette A Taylor

    i been feeling like my period was gona come on since last saturday been having cramps and feeling like its coming on every min but no blood this has never happen to me but am hoping it come tomorrow or sunday.

  • india

    I’m confuse mommies I had a son March 14th 2016 but I had a still birth I was 7 months pregnant , I was suppose to have him June 9th but I’ve been trying to conceive again period back on the same retouine been having sex since March 20th unprotective with my sons father since may 15 2016 my period last for 7days when it comes but now I was bleeding heavy for two days and spotting for 2-3 days could I be pregnant? I’ve been trying I. Ovulated may 1st been having sex since literally March 20 until may 15 , 2016 everyday so could I be lucky n be pregnant this time

    • india

      And it was suppose to come on the 14 but it showed up the 16 and only last for two days that’s very weird I always have a 7 day period heavy until the 6th day but this time was different

  • joserphine guobadeia

    My Last period was on the 12 may and I had sex from on the 20 to 27 of may , but on the 23 may I spotted brown bleed, for the past 3 days I have pains in my breast nipples and rush around my nipples got bigger like wise pain under my stomach could I be pregnant because myself and husband have been trying for baby.

  • Heather Woods

    My fiance and I have been trying for a while to get pregnant. My period is normally 4-5 days only very heavy on two of those days and bad cramps first 2 days. But last month I started on 5/17/16 and went for eight days I was heavy for 6of the days. Now for the last couple of days I have been having pelvic pain my breast are sore and I had one day about a week ago that I had clear sticky and I spotted just once when I wiped. This is very on common for me. I have been craving salty things like pickles, mustard sandwiches, I will have a ham sandwich but it has to be smothered in mustard. I sometimes would eat these anyways but I can eat a whole jar of pickles now. I’m not due to start my period for another 12 days but I’m just wondering is there early signs really early signs of pregnancy. I’m not stressed at all my fiance is doing great and is covering all the bills and I just got my finger print clearance card for my new job as a caregiver. So I’m super happy. Please give me any feedback. I would greatly appreciate all of your insight.
    Hoping for good news……

  • Tia

    I threw up yesterday morning and I have been feeling tired , I been having diarrhea and my vagina feels itchy and now I’m having light pink blood spotting in my underwear, what’s wrong?

  • Demi

    Hi ive been getting achy pains in what i think is my uterus and had thick white dicharge like egg whites and have been napping alot me and my husband are trying to concieve i come off pill nearly 2 weeks ago after missing 3 pills and have had unprotected sex and i had a withdrawal bleed witch lasted 3 days surely i cant get pregnant that quick can i

    Please help !!!!

  • Davina Bailey

    My last period was may 24,2016, I was supposed to ovulate on the 7th of June, I had sex the 8th, 9th and 10th, on the 11th of June at 6:00 pm I threw up some clear spit like liquids, and on June 12, 2016 at 7:35 in the morning I threw up more clear spit like liquids, my next period is due to come on June 20, 21, I’ve been having cramps I’ve been tired, I’ve been eating crazy foods, my appetite has picked up, my nipples are sore, could I be pregnant

  • Charity

    My fiancé and I are trying to get pregnant after having unprotected sex,about three days later I got my period which was two weeks early, it started off just light spotting for a few days and then became a heavy period. Now I am a week late. Any ideas? I have a doctors appt booked but it’s not for a little while yet. I took a pregnancy test but it said negative. So confused

  • anno

    Could I be pregnant

    I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago the day after stopping my pill a couple of days after I had a bleed then a week after unprotected sex I was suffering with cramps shooting pain stomach feeling Heavy and kept feeling sick now two weeks after I still get those feeling but just keep sleeping. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? Plus I haven’t come on

  • Cindy

    I had sex 2 weeks ago, I got my period twice last month and I missed it this month. I have no symptoms of pregnancy just a stomachache.can I be pregnant?

  • Candice

    On my last menstrel cycle I was 4 days late and my boobs were sore and bigger and noticed some dry lactation some after I started they went down some and now they got a little bigger and have been sore to the touch I have ten days til my next cycle and when my ovulation window ended my fiancé said he could feel my cervix just by inserting his fingers it was real low and I have been feeling way off in my abdomen and stomach for the past couple of months but every test I’ve taken has been negative my stomach and abdomen are bloated out which is not normal for me I usually have a flat stomach really confused and we have been trying for a baby …. Thoughts

  • ivy hicks

    I had my period on june first had sex on the 12 i am due for my period yesterday brest are sore a d cramping but no bleeding could i be preagnat