When Did I Conceive? When Did I Get Pregnant?

When Did I Conceive?

Asking when did I conceive? when did I get pregnant?You are not alone.

This is one of the major questions I often get from women regarding
some simple calculations to make using the menstrual cycle numbers. I
understand that the reason you are asking these questions is because you
are pregnant and the day of conception is not obvious for whatever
reason. For some women, it is joyous pregnancy awaited and they just
want to know better and when it occurred. For others, it is a matter of
knowing the likely father of the baby. This is the main reason prompting
the question when did I conceive? in many of the women who have approached me for this problem.

will show you below an easy way to get this for yourself and tailor it
to your own specific case, which is what makes it better than a

So When Did I Conceive

So when did I conceive then? There are online calculators that could
estimate your conception date using your LMP. Doing things yourself may
be more accurate though it will require you to make some simple
calculations like 30 minus 14! Below is a simple step by step method to
get you through it

  1. Start from the Last Normal Menstrual Period(LMP)Your LMP is the first day of your last normal periods. If you are not sure about your LMP, see Age Of Pregnancy
    below You can use this to determine when you ovulated and thus when
    combined with the day you had sex, you can estimate when you got
    pregnant. Things get a little more difficult when you are more than
    about 5 months in pregnancy- memory issues too.
  2. Ovulation day = Cycle Length – Luteal phase length. If you do not know your luteal phase, use 14 days as an estimate. Example. Cycle length is 30 days. Luteal phase is 14 days. Ovulation date =30 – 14 = 16.
    So Day 16th of your cycle is the likely date of ovulation of the cycle
    that got you pregnant! Not Day 16 of the month, like 16 June but of your
    cycle. Count from Day 1 of your menses to get this day of the month eg
    Monday 28th of April. You can go ahead now and do yours. Since the egg
    lives just for about 24 hours, it you can know your ovulation date
    then, you can easily find out when you probably got pregnant.
  3. Was this the egg that was fertilized to become a baby?
    You will need to determine your fertile period and see if the day you
    had unprotected sex was within this hot period for pregnancy. Since you
    cannot be very sure of the exact day of ovulation like this, by adding
    about 2 days before and 2 days after, you will have a range of days when
    ovulation is likely to occur. For our example above, Day 16 was
    ovulation day. Adding 2 days gives Day 18 and subtracting 2 gives Day
    14, so the fertile period is from Day 14 to Day 18. You can map this out
    on the calender of that month. Did you have unprotected sex during this
    period? You may even use 3 days allowance instead of 2 to broaden it.
    If NO, that is likely not the cycle that got your pregnant! Or
    you may be mistaking with your LMP. By the way about 30% of women do not
    really know their LMPs.
  4. If that cycle is not, then go one cycle behind,
    that is,use the first day of the cycle that preceded the one you just
    used. Can you still remember the date of first menstrual flow? If yes,
    that’s great. Try checking again by repeating the steps above to get the
    day you ovulated, the fertile period and see if you had any culprit
    sexual intercourse around then. If you cannot identify the conception
    date still, there could be a problem of LMP dates or even sexual
    encounter dates. You will need to use the due date or age of pregnancy
    as listed below.
  5. Age of pregnancy. You
    will have to try this if you cannot make any sense from the above
    calculations or do not know your LMP.You can also use the age of
    pregnancy to determine your conception date. This is best determined by
    ultrasound. It is not 100% accurate but it can give you a good clue as
    to the month when you got pregnant. Note that most ultrasound
    gestational age will report the age of the pregnancy as though
    calculating from your LMP. This ultrasound LMP is set to be 14 days
    behind the time of conception. So if you have the LMP, you can just add
    14 to know the likely day of conception. Alternatively, you can use the
    ultrasound LMP to find your true LMP that was around that period if you
    can still remember it clearly and was not sure it was the one. So you
    can get an ultrasound suggested LMP and then work from there using the
    above technique to determine the fertile period and the likely day of
    sexual intercourse that might have fertilized that egg that is not a

The above advice to answer the question when did I conceive? or when did I get pregnant?
is for educational purposes only. Can I use this to accurately pin down
the father of my baby? No. If he was the only one that month, he is
probably the one. But whatever the case, this should lead to more
objective paternity testing if the need arises.

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